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Navy Field 2, the sequel to the 2007 naval tactical game NavyField, is the latest free-to-play RTS MMO from Nexon that takes commanders to the open seas against a World War I and World War II setting. Players as commanders will build and customize ships, set up powerful fleets, and engage in large-scaled naval warfare in both PvE and PvP for honor and fame.

Navy Field 2

Key Features:

  • Choose from four distinct nations, each with their own unique ship and fleet types
  • Experience epic battles using historical fleets, ships and airplanes from major powers that were used during the two World Wars
  • Immerse in the deep strategy in tense battles with numerous ship styles including frigates, destroyers, cruisers, aircraft carriers, submarines, etc.
  • Battle to win EXP and other rewards that are used to upgrade and customize your ships and fleets
  • Access to over 400 items that allow you to alter the configurations of realistic naval guns, torpedo launchers, fire control, engines, armors, etc.
  • Fight historical battles in the solo campaign, compete in a variety of epic missions such as Dover, Midway and the Solomon Isles, and join the large-scaled multiplayer 32 vs. 32 PvP
  • Take in the great, realistic 3D graphics with 360 degree viewpoint of ships, enlarged sea surface, area attacks and visible projectiles rendered by the Gamebryo engine

Navy Field 2 has entered Open Beta since the 18th of April. The naval battle has started.

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