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New Gulong Online

New Gulong Online
  • Release Date: Q1, 2013 (SEA)
  • Publisher: LAHGames
  • Developer: Zealot Digital International
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Official Site

New Gulong Online (also known as新古龍Online) is a new fantasy MMORPG based on the popular martial arts novels by the Chinese Wuxia novelist Gulong. Its main story draws inspiration from novels like “Ultimate Pair” and “Passionate Swordmaster & Heartless Sword” and tells a story about six warring factions and heroes involved in the conflict.

New Gulong Online

The game captures the essence of Gulong’s stories and presents the unique world with high quality graphics. Players in the game can meet and interact with many well-known characters and heroes from the classic Gulong novels, and experience many aspects of Chinese Kongfu and weapons. So far, there are more than 6,000 story plots and adventures, hundreds of kongfu fighting styles, and over 100 monsters as well as a series of story scenes to keep players entertained.

New Gulong Online has a wide spectrum of features which includes:

  • Over 100 Characters from the Novel Series
  • Stories from more than 10 Novel Series
  • More than 6000 Story Quests
  • Over 100 Monsters and Antagonists
  • More than 100 Story Scenes to explore
  • Over 10 Pets and Companions to collect
  • Over 20 cleverly crafted Story Dungeons

Besides, players who love faction war, legendary weapons and mini games can also have what they enjoy with New Gulong Online.

  • Factions:

Faction is a feature fully integrated into all aspects of game-play. New Gulong Online features six powerful Factions, each with their own conflicting agendas for players to ally with.

The six Factions to choose from are: YiHua Palace, Villian Valley, JinQian Sect, WanMa Hall, PiLi Sect, Tang Sect. Players can get involved in weekly Faction Wars to show their prowess and conquer territories and resources.

  • Weapons of Legend:

Different kinds of weapons are essential in GuLong’s novels. New Gulong Online features 10 Legendary weapons from the Bai Xiao Sheng’s book: Legendary Arms Manual. These Legendary Weapons grant the wielder untold power and knowledge of Hidden Skills.

Players will have the opportunity to participate in the weekly Legendary Tournaments where they will fight for the right to wield the Weapon of Legends – but only for the week they earned it.

  • Personal Mansion:

For players looking for something more leisurely, they can enjoy mini games, harvest specially crafted materials and hire heroes into Factions.

  • Item Mall

In New Gulong Online, there are over 200 items such as weapons, healing potions, armour available in the games Item Mall. Players can buy the various items to help them in their quests and adventures – improving the overall game play experience.

New Gulong Online

The game is developed by Zealot Digital International Corp, a subsidiary of Taiwan’s first listed computer games company, Softworld International, and published by IAHGames, which has close links with the Taiwanese games market and a market leader in Southeast Asia.

New Gulong Online is scheduled to launch its Closed Beta at the end of Q1 this year. Then gamers from Singapore and Malaysia will be able to experience the treacherous dungeons, new skills, and various in-game activities. And it will be introduced to Bahasa Indonesia and Thai in their respective languages later this year.

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