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New Rock City is a lovely free simulation game about re-building a prehistoric city. It introduces the beginning of the story in a comic-book style that a wicked giant lizard used some unknown power to swirl the precious Ruby Mine away and rendered the city in ruins. It is up to you, the new comer and the new hope, to restore the civilization and beat the lizard king uncovering the secrets of the lost ruby mine.

New Rock City

New Rock City has a similar setup to many other building simulators. It places you in the initial small patch of lands and tasks you with the familiar labors – clear and collect, plow and plant, build and repair, etc.. As you are busy around you turn the basic wilderness into a small town that attracts more visitors and special talents from shaman to scientists to settle down. With the city growth there will be new specialists coming to your land unlocking new features from crafting to fortunetelling and to cooking.

All characters that arrive at your town will give you endless tasks. You have to take care of animals and plant crops, clear rocks, trees, bushes, tufts, cactuses and the like to gain resources and space, trade raw materials in exchange for goods to deliver to citizens and shops, craft building materials and items for future progression and construct a rich variety of buildings from residential to businesses. True to the storyline, you will also need to drive away harassing lizards from time to time and sometimes clear the poison left by them.

All activities in New Rock City except purchasing items from shop consume energy points. You have an energy bar and can extend the maximum of it by level up. You can gain an instant refill to the full in every level-up. That works for the first five or six levels, guaranteeing continuous play. Afterwards, free players come to forced pause easily. And you receive trickles of energy randomly via completion of certain quests but still it is used up quickly. Auto refill takes time. Instead of waiting you have the purchasing option.

Construction in New Rock City is fully fledged. You will find a great number of buildings and décor in the shop that become available for purchase at certain level. From the various cottages to exclusive housing estates, from business workshops to urban infrastructures, you will find rich variety and creativity in the structure design. And decorations are no less. Ponds, flower beds, signs, fences, lawns, lava pits and so on – you can beautify your town with the many options and also gain exp by doing so.

Structures are built and connected by paths, business runs smoothly and booms and plentiful resources are exploited to fuel the construction. Then you can expand to more lands. It costs a bulk of coins, expansion permit and gems to expand. Newly unlocked areas will sometime reveal special buildings in addition to the forest that can be repaired for specialists and activated to function.

You need friends if you plan for faster development. But the social interaction in New Rock City remains what you’ve seen in Facebook games. Friends help each other in visits and regular give-and-gain by sending resources, energy and other free gifts.

New Rock City has unique artistic presentation of the prehistoric city with a mixed original and modern style. But the core gameplay stays conventional without any new ideas. The overall verdict for the game is good. It can be a nice choice to idle away short bursts of time.

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