New Server Opened in Einherjar

TIME : 15th May 2013 WedAUTHOR : Eleanor

Tokyo, Japan – 15 May 2013 – Appirits, the Japanese game developer has lately released a brand new server called Gerhilde for their turn-based browser game Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood along with several in-game treats and events from 15 to 29 May 2013 (GMT+8). During the said period, players joining the new server as well as the old server will receive valuable gifts and benefits for their adventure in the Viking world.

Einherjar- New Server

1/ For Gerhilde server:

First of all, new players will get a Starter Kit right when they start the game. Each kit includes 1 Dark Axe + 1 Dark Sword + 1 Dark Spear + 1 Dark Chain  + 300 Power + 5000 Gold + 1000 food. These gifts will be distributed until 29 May. Secondly, to help new players quickly get more heroes and level up their units, Item drop rate and experience gained via expeditionary battles will be DOUBLED! Plus, hero summon rate at the square during the period will be also X2!

Besides, Appirits also started 2 events in the new server to give new players more thrills and spills until 29 May. One is “Higher level, More rewards”, in which players level up any of their units up to level 20 to receive  7000 Gold + 100 Wood + 100 Bronze + 100 Stone + 100 food. Please note that these rewards will be distributed during weekly maintenance days.

And the other is “Show us your ranks”, in which any players reaching top 10 of unit ranking and battle ranking table after the first 2 weeks will receive valuable materials for level up buildings. And those rewards will be also distributed for qualified players at the maintenance day 29 May.

2/ For Brynhildr server:

Not neglecting their players on the old server, Appirits also prepared some benefits to treat them. Specifically, from 15 to 22 May, players on this server will be treated with successful rate of crafting crystals increased by 1.2 times. Moreover, item drop rate and experience in expeditionary battles will be DOUBLED! The developer hopes this event might give players more chances to obtain rare materials, valuable experience and useful crystals for their Viking fighters.