New servers for A.I. Invasion

TIME : 14th Mar 2013 ThuAUTHOR : Eleanor

The developer of online games GameArt Studio recently announced that its new project, the science-fiction MMORPG A.I. Invasion, has encountered several critical problems during the alpha tests, including server lags and similar issues.

A.I. Invasion

As long as these problems remain unsolved, A.I. Invasion cannot meet the high quality standards at GameArt Studio and the closed beta test has therefore been postponed until further notice.

In spite of an intensive investigation during the last weeks, the issues at hand could not yet be solved. Thus, the GameArt Studio team has decided to procure new, more powerful servers for the development of the game, which, unfortunately, will in turn further delay the development.

About GameArt Studio:

GameArt Studio was founded 2006 in Berlin and became quickly one of the most innovative developer and publisher of online games.

All games of GameArt Studio are multiplayer online games, players from all around the world can play together. Also, all games are free2play-games, i.e. they can by played free of charge.

The four published games of GameArt Studio “Holy War”, “Tagoria”, “A.I. War” and “Glory Wars” are already enjoyed by five million gamers and are playable in eleven languages.