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New Spirit Tales Character Class Introduction Video

May 1,2012 by Eleanor

KoraGame just released a new video to introduce the three races and six classes in Spirit Tales, a forthcoming 3D fantasy MMORPG that is scheduled to enter Open Beta phase on May 10th, 2012.

Watch the new Spirit Tales character class video on YouTube: http://youtube.com/spirittalesthegame


In Spirit Tales, players will embark upon a journey across a colorful fantasy world, battling fierce creatures and capturing magical pets to call their own. Work harmoniously with friends to create the perfect Guild Island, or unlock a character’s Spirit Form to unleash devastating attacks on opponents during exciting player-versus-player (PvP) battles. With six unique character classes to choose from, and over 40 million customization and fashion combinations, Spirit Tales is designed to offer players a high degree of in-game freedom and an “Epically Cute, Massively Fun” online gaming experience. Spirit Tales will be available worldwide.

Class Background and Info


Background: Born and raised in the mountainous and forested kingdoms of the Gold Kirin Tribe, fighters grow up in harmony with nature and the elements. Instilled from a young age with the respect and reverence due to the majesty of this sometimes unforgiving world, fighters learn to harness the ways of all things within the natural order, utilizing them to their potent advantage.

Class Info: The fighter is a melee class that excels at close range combat. Fighters trained in the ways of the natural world have become adept at tuning in to the energy that resides there, striking with echoes of elemental fury.


  • Sword: Observed on the front lines of combat, or protecting the sanctity of their realms, fighters that prefer the touch of a cold, hardened blade always select the noblest of weapons, the sword. By choosing the sword, a fighter appropriates the added benefit of a shield, strengthening their defenses and bringing that added touch of chivalry to the chaos of war.
  • Katana: Forged from the flame of master blacksmiths, fighters that choose the elegance of the katana wield the rush and strength of the wind. When life or death is only a matter of moments, the speed of a katana-bearing fighter is a true force to be reckoned with.
  • Fist Weapon: Found within the frenzy of melee battle, fighters that prefer to enhance their physical prowess select the sturdy and powerful fist weapon. Choosing to utilize their masterful hand-to-hand combat skills, these martial tacticians wield a subtle yet effective tool that can truly devastate an opponent.


Background: Born and raised in the mountainous and forested kingdoms of the Gold Kirin Tribe, shamans, like fighters, grow up in harmony with nature and the elements. However, unlike the fighter, the shamans respect and reverence for the natural world resides not so much in its majesty, but in its ability to provide seemingly endless amounts of elemental powers, which when tapped and harnessed, provide healing energies far beyond the imaginable.

Class Info: The shaman is a healer and support class that excels at aiding the injured while revitalizing themselves and others. Imbued with elemental powers, the shaman works with the forces and energy of nature to provide relief to those stricken by the wounds of war.


  • Wand: Whether following an advance of forces, or roaming alone across vast lands, shamans that prefer the lightness of a wooden touch choose the wand. By choosing the wand, a shaman is able to benefit from the added defense of a shield, furthering their ability to protect those around them as well as themselves – becoming a beacon of sustainable hope on the battlefield.
  • Staff: Imbued with the true omnipotence of nature, shamans that prefer to rely solely on the unseen powers choose the staff. Alight with the brilliance and radiance of a ceaseless energy, a staff-bearing shaman boasts the enduring power of the sylvan grove, bringing the voice of verdant majesty to the seeds of destruction and chaos.


Background: Born and raised in the volcanic kingdom of the Maned Dragon Tribe, archers grow up within the bonding flames of honor and camaraderie. Vitalized by the forge of friendship from an early age, archers keep a clear, ever-watchful eye upon their kin and neighbors. If a spark of trouble should ever arise, the archer will undoubtedly be the first to quench the flame.

Class Info: The archer is a ranged DPS class that excels at long range combat. Archers trained upon the volcanic grounds of their homeland have developed a keen eye in order to persevere. In an inhospitable place in which almost nothing lives, the first to find the prey survives.


  • Bow: Hidden in the remotest recesses of the battlefield, a bow-wielding archer utilizes their clarity of vision, and with the slightest stroke of two fingers, releases their arrows from afar. By choosing the bow, archers can initiate an attack far from the frenzy, subduing an opponent well before they are ever able to reach them.
  • Crossbow: In the dust of the battlefield, behind the fighters on the front lines, crossbow-wielding archers supplement the attacking force as a barrier against approaching enemies. Less nimble as their bow-wielding counterparts, crossbow users make up for this by dishing out devastating amounts of long range damage.


Background: Born and raised in the volcanic kingdom of the Maned Dragon Tribe, warriors, like their archer brethren, grow up within the bonding flames of honor and camaraderie. Imbued with a steely, unbending discipline when it comes to loyalty and friendship, youthful warriors choose to seek the path of the guardian, becoming a bulwark and much-needed ally upon the field of battle – often making the greatest sacrifice to protect those around them.

Class Info: The warrior is a melee class that excels at close range defensive combat. Hardened by the sweltering heat of their homeland, the warrior has been forged into a shield for the people, protecting all those around from the fires of avarice and conquest.


  • Warhammer: Bearing the weight of the world, warriors that choose to embody the heaviness that the struggle for peace produces, wield the warhammer. Crushed by the disillusion that has crept into the world, warriors take up the warhammer to restore honor and camaraderie to the realm, smashing through the approaching darkness with the strength of an entire people.
  • Polearm: As the vanguard of promise upon the sweltering battlefield, warriors that choose to devastate the enemies that surround them choose the length and breadth of the polearm, symbolizing the entirety of a nation in every strike. In order to spread honor once more across the land, the giant reach of the polearm-wielding warrior remains steadfast as it falls heavily upon the tear-laden ground.


Background: Born and raised in the spiritual solitudes of the Snow Kingdom, the sorcerers of the Lunar Fox Tribe have dedicated their lives to contemplation, seeking to balance and utilize the untapped energies that lie at the heart of the cosmos – the beginning of creation. Infused with the potency of fire and ice magic, sorcerers have learned to harness these powers of creation, invoking their force to bring about miraculous changes in the world, and catastrophic damage to their enemies.

Class Info: The sorcerer is a magic DPS class that excels at long range combat. Having meditated throughout the blanketing cold of monotonous days, sorcerers have awakened a dormant energy that lies within – a powerful energy with the ability to alter the course of the future.


  • Wand: Infused with the universal energies of the cosmos, sorcerers that prefer to hold the fate of the world in one hand choose the wand. By selecting the wand, a sorcerer is also able to use a shield, providing a means to protect them during battle while still enabling the conjuration of devastating spells that fall like brimstone from the primordial fires of creation.
  • Staff: Ingrained with the supreme power of creation, sorcerers that prefer to rely solely on the energies at the heart of the cosmos choose the staff. Imbued with an otherworldly and endless force, a staff-bearing sorcerer embodies the brilliance and origin of all things, breathing both life and death into the fabric of chaos.


Background: Born and raised in the spiritual solitudes of the Snow Kingdom, the assassins of the Lunar Fox Tribe, like their sorcerer brethren, have dedicated their lives to contemplation. However, unlike the sorcerers, the balance they seek in the stillness of those wintry days is the harmony of mind and body, fusing their entire being into an aspect of its mover – the mind. With lightning fast reflexes, and movements far beyond the capacity of most mortals, assassins walk as silent beings upon the invisible threads that tie the world together, bending and shaping the shadows into silhouettes of terror.

Class Info: The assassin is a melee DPS class that excels at speed and quickness. Trained to leave only silent whispers and a faded memory of their existence, assassins have discovered the gateways into the invisible world, flying through the shadows with deadly celerity.


  • Sword: As the sentinels of the snow covered lands, assassins that prefer the power and force of a cold, solid blade always select the forge-wrought iron of the sword. By choosing the sword, the assassin gets the added benefit of the shield, surviving the toughest of battles where others may fall.
  • Katana: Quenched in the cold climate of the Snow Kingdom, assassins that choose the katana wield the opulent power and radiance of the moon. Like lightning that follows the darkness and thunder, the katana-wielding assassin strikes with incomparable speed, leaving an opponent quivering in the throes of death.
  • Dagger: Unseen and silent within the shadows, assassins that prefer the freedom of unmatched movement select the dagger. Unburdened by the weight of all other weapons, dagger-wielding assassins are supreme in their dexterity, bringing deftness to the art of combat unparalleled in the known world.
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