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NoH: Exodus is an exciting mobile action RPG developed and published by Digital Worlds behind popular games like Jump-O-Mania and Armed and Gorgeous. In the chaotic world warriors are on mission of fending off merciless creatures in various maps single handedly. Fight close-quarter battles against monstrous bosses and achieve prowess in actions of hits and kicks.

NoH: Exodus

  • Background Story

The premise of NoH: Exodus is a fantastic world of multiverses connected by magical portals now under attack by the dark forces called the Transformation Army. Fallen planets were plagued by a disease converting survivors to the invading army. After more and more universes were fallen into enemy’s hand, the powerful Deity had to initiate the last Exodus plan – transfer survivors into an unpopulated, secure shelter and then destroy the portal network. You are one of the greatest warriors to cover the exodus, sealing the portals while deterring the invasion.

  • Action-packed Melee Battle

NoH: Exodus offers only a single player campaign consisting of six maps (at the time of writing) each with 9 increasingly challenging levels. From dungeons and caves to forest and village, maps vary from one another in background settings, environmental designs, minions and bosses enemy. And every level has three levels of difficulty ranging from Normal through Hard to Hell. And the increase of difficulty tier entails a learning curve. Similarly, you will face greater challenge with the entrance of later maps.

You fight multiple hordes of monsters spawned waves after waves as you clear different areas on a map. Monsters are rich in variety and attack differently based on their species. There are undead that simply close on you and bump into you physically, giant green worms that spurt poison from a distance and different bosses hack and slash you with great sword and giant fists.

Battle is melee-based and action-packed. You swing your sword or axe to the face of enemies, swirl and kick to deal damage to multiple targets, dodge in a back/side-ward roll style to avoid critical hit, or stun or kill with the greater skill powers. You can employ different moves in battle and horn the skills for greater exploit and spoils.

  • Character Customization

You earn coins and random gears by winning battles, which can be used to further enhance your character. To upgrade skills and purchase & enhance equipment requires a large amount of coins, which in another way requires repetitive game play. While six maps are a little limited, it’s not that easy to pass through all of them, especially in all three difficulty levels. It requires a lot of repeated play of conquered levels in order to accumulate enough coins that level up your character stronger enough to advance.

There is another currency in NoH: Exodus, namely, the Badge, which boost your character customization and battle performance more efficiently. For badges you can buy exclusive powerful gears and also guarantee one hundred percent success rate in equipment enhancement.

NoH: Exodus is an awesome action game with cool melee battle and satisfactory beat-em-up action. It’s free to play and can be downloaded for both iPhone & iPad and Android devices.

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