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Number War – A Free Puzzle Board Game

Number War is a very simple to learn, quick to play, but extremely challenging Iphone , iPod, & iPad strategy board game. Think of it as “Chess With Numbers”.

Number War

Using a 7×7 board & 49 Number Chips,.
There are 7 Number Chips of each number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 making 49 total Number chips.

Number War is a iphone strategy board game that combines the logic of chess, the simplicity of Go, and the risk-reward elements of poker. It requires players to be able to calculate a variety of possible moves quickly while planning several moves in advance.

Number War is a very simple game. It really has one rule.

A played die captures/scores any lower value die in the ROW AND COLUMN it is played in. The Player scores the total value of all captured dice, and the captured dice change to the value of the played die.

100% Free 1 Player & 2 Player Gaming!

4 Game Variations:

Number War Standard

Quick Rules 

  • A Played Die captures & scores the total value of any dice of LOWER value in BOTH the ROW & COLUMN it is played in.
  • Captured dice are changed to the value of the played die but stay on the board. A Played die Does Not score any dice of Equal or Greater value.
  • Highest Score Wins.

Number War Plus 

The Value of the played Die is added to any scoring play. Non scoring plays recive no points.

Number War Domino

Number War Dominos style. Die MUST be placed adjacent to a die on the board. Any of the 8 squares around a die on the board is a legal play.

Number War Twisted

Try scoring the LEAST amount of points. Same rules, just the completely opposite Goal! Extremely challenging.

2 Skill Levels

BEGINNER – Easier AI. Dice are played in neutral color making it easy to count how many sevens have been played.

Expert – Difficult AI. Dice get played in their respective Number War color requiring players to remember what has been played.

3 Dice Variations

Choose to play with 1, 3, or 5 dice in hand.


Set turn time to 15, 30, or 60 seconds.


Play your friends or people from around the world via Game Center.


One Player Leaderboard – See who is best against the computer. Leaderboards for each variation and an Overall Leaderboard.

Two Player Leaderboard Ranking System

Both the winner and loser get leaderboard points in every game! How much they get is dependent upon how well they played.

Not only does Number War have a two player leaderboard for every variation and an overall grand master leader, but also a unique leader point system that rewards great losing play more than easy victories.

Well played games are awarded more points to split between players. Close games split the point nearly evenly. Thus playing a hard fought, well played game that ends in defeat gives both the winner and loser more leader points than a winner in a poorly played blowout.

Finally a game leaderboard that recognizes that a well played loss deserves nearly as much recognition as a well played victory!

Only by quitting a match will you receive no leaderboard points. So do your best and even in defeat you will be rewarded!

Best of all, the basic game app is FREE for Iphone, Ipod & Ipad! Available in Single Player and Two Player via Gamecenter.

Number War – A Free Puzzle Board Game For Ages 5-100+

Number War – Game Info:

  • Released: Nov 30, 2013
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 37.0 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Black Ops Marketing LLC
  • © 2013 Black Ops Marketing LLC

Rated 4+