Odin Quest New Version 8.6 Available Today!

TIME : 18th Dec 2013 WedAUTHOR : Eleanor

Beijing, China – December 18, 2013 – Changyou (NASDAQ: CYOU), would like to announced that the highly anticipated version 8.6 for Odin Quest is launching today. Recently Changyou received exclusive operating right and started to make changes to the one of most popular web games, promising a much better gaming experience! Gamebox has started to fulfill those promises with the launch of Version 8.6.

Odin Quest

Two new systems change the balance!

As we have mentioned in the previous news, Odin Quest will have two new systems– Divination system and Dragon Soul system.

Divination system is for players to get materials through a new way. Mysterious as it is the return is amazing, giving players the rare items that they have been waiting for in Odin Quest! The only thing players have to do is consume gold leaves which becomes a lottery. This will give players a chance to get their ideal materials that can be used to enhance equipment.

The Dragon Soul system is for players to increase their attributes! Worrying about the low attributes? Infuriated about difficulties to level up? Now, this system can solve the problems once and for all!

New instance!

Gamebox has mentioned many new instances in Version 8.6. The most important ones are Oracle War, Palace Feast and New Year envoy.

  • Oracle War is for players of level 80 and above. When players complete this instance they will have a chance to get some items and upgrade their equipment to level 102.
  • Palace Feast, as its name shows, is like a feast in the ancient palace. The mission is to protect various dishes from thieves. Interesting, isn’t it? But it’s more than that, players will also get rewards after passing the instance, they can be used to enhance equipment.
  • New Year envoy is a special instance that can be entered at some specific time. Events will be different every week.

Apart from that, the cross server boss fights also have been changed. Login to the game and see if you have what it takes to defeat the bosses in Odin Quest.