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Odin Quest

Odin Quest
  • Release Date: Aug. 7th, 2012
  • Publisher: Gamebox (NA & EU)
  • Developer: Dragonsmeet
  • Genre: Action Role-playing
  • Official Site

Odin Quest is a new free-to-play browser-based fantasy game from Dragonsmeet. It tasks players with various missions from battles against monsters and evil forces to escort caravans through dangerous terrains where free PK is allowed. Sail through levels fast, activate new and more contents, and grow to be a real hero.

Odin Quest Review:

Crystal Saga is popular. Then comes Soul of Guardian, which is in turn followed by Mythic Saga. And now, another fantasy game built on the similar template also hits the scene, that is, Odin Quest.

Odin Quest

Practically, you don’t really create a character, but just enter a name and select the gender for your avatar that you don’t see. You enter the game as everyone else and begin taking simple quests to level up. Equip weapons, learn a couple of skills, get a pet that aids in battles, kill monsters, talk to NPCs, and select the AFK mode (i.e. auto-combat) – however different they sound, most of the gameplay involve clicking and auto-piloting. Click the quest panel to auto-run to the destination, click the AFK to activate auto-combat, and click the panel again to return delivering quests and getting rewards.

After just a few minutes, you arrive at Lv. 10 and can select your class, Warrior (high stamina), Hunter (multi-target attack with accuracy), Mage (spell-casting and supportive), Priest (supportive and healing) or Assassin (high critical hit rate), and transform in appearance, which looks like the preview image but not equal in details. Afterwards, the bulk of gameplay is hardly changed. Still, you just run various errands to level up, and you level up really fast as usual, especially the unattractive quest text doesn’t draw your attention to slow down at intervals to read.

As you level up, you unlock more skills, get better equipment, explore to dungeons, gain access to Pet Island where you can catch pets, travel with a mount, enhance equips, activate pet competitions, enter free PvP maps, accept so-called Valkyrja’s Test, gain the chance to take daily quests, and so on and so forth. Move on, something new is stored in next corner. Battle remains the same on the whole, with slightly increasing difficulty.

Innovation is difficult. That’s why lots of new games can’t rid of the resemblance to old titles. Odin Quest is by no means a brand new game that has its own identity. On the contrary, you can notice many in-game elements that you are familiar with, such as the auto path-finding, fast level-up, mounts and pets and optional auto-combat, etc.. Meanwhile, though, you will also realize as you learn more about the game that efforts are made to set it apart from the predecessors with the twists added in some aspects.

The game not only gives you a pet to help and grow in battles, but also allows you to catch more and varied types in the pet island and even take them into their own competitions. The quests after Lv. 30 still contain some basic slaying monsters, but also offer something else such as the escort missions with time limit in free PK area and color-rated missions with different rewards. And the skills for each class are in a long list and with good visuals.

Odin Quest doesn’t move forward any of the established elements in action role-playing games; and it can’t get itself out of the copycat list with the occasional twists in some aspects. It is nowhere near a must play. Yet, if you just want to idle away a Sunday afternoon, you can give it a try.

Odin Quest Screenshots:

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  1. brics says:

    i need wings plsssss give code

  2. aaaaaaaa says:

    game is full of cheating now with using second account to trade unbound items



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