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OJO Agent

OJO Agent
  • Release Date: April 5th, 2012
  • Publisher: Jogonaut
  • Developer: Jogonaut
  • Genre: Social, Simulation
  • Official Site

Love sports and possess the special gift in discovery of the potential all-stars? If so, you may want to be a sports agent in OJO Agent, a new social sports game available on Facebook and mobile. Though being a game, this F2P simulation has adopt a mixed-reality style, which leads you into the ebb-and-flow of agents’ career as you take efforts to land the world’s best athletes by various means.

OJO Agent

OJO Agent doesn’t provide the usual cartoony world shining with stars, gold coins and blitz energy. Instead, it offers a simplified sphere with real-world stuff, athletes and business. There, you have an agency in one city in the North, South, West or Midwest of the US, and work hard to seek after fame and fortune as an agent by pitching, entertaining, networking and negotiating your way into having the dream roster.

If you are used to the sort-of set pattern typical in games, say, from Zynga, you will need to adjust yourself a little bit when you start playing OJO Agent. Elements from reality play such pivotal role in the game that they make it a maverick in the social genre. In it, you will find an ever-changing world with dynamical fluctuation of athlete data, real sports events implemented into strategic simulation, performance bonuses influenced by the real sports game, and real-world brands that you have to negotiate with in order to sign endorsement deals. Besides, almost all gifts you need to send to clients or prospects (for the sake of benefits) are all priced real objects, from the common beer to imported cigar and to expensive chartered beachjet 400A.

Gameplay mainly revolves several activities. You need to court famous prospects to turn them into your clients, keep in touch with your clients and prospects and make them happy by sending them gifts frequently, negotiate with brands for endorsement, and make calls and finish various quests to finally make contracts with more sportsmen. There is the usual Energy set, which indicates your reputation. It’s good to see that, besides consuming energy to entertain, you can also increase energy by conducting certain activity like holding networking events. By continuously putting in efforts, you will earn money for the clients and eventually for yourself. And with the money, you will able to expand your business and show off with more, new buildings.

If you are a big fan of colorful animation, you will be disappointed since it’s based on images, texts, stats and menu. And it’s not a game that is appealing to the common social players – with its reality-based mechanics, it’s hard to imagine that whoever has no particular interests in sports and knows little about athletes will enjoy figuring out the strategy concerning athletes’ performance in real-life events. Despite the helpful tutorial and guiding agenda, sometimes you just feel locked out of something that can be otherwise captured without efforts by sports fans.

OJO Agent is not an actual social game to certain extent, and more like a single-player game with a leaderboard. And it’s a game particularly targeted to sports fan who knows those impressive names and their value. Do you have what it takes to become a successful agent? Prove that in OJO Agent!

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  1. Knowname says:

    Fun game (if your the type that always dreamed of being a GM). Unlike front office sims this actually rewards you based on their actual play in real life! ie Tiger Woods gets arrested you lose a client, Chipper Jones retires you lose a client and so on. It's HORRIBLY optimized, VERY buggy on my netbook, nearly unplayable without a mouse. The passing of time is pretty tricky at first and purely action based. So if your stuck with nothing left to do, time is just frozen there until you come acrossed something new. After playing for a week (real time) or so this has become the biggest problem. I typically run out of stuff to do so I sit there frozen in time, if you let it sit you'll never get anywhere! Just collecting money, keeping your clients happy, or even hunting down endorsements doesn't forward time any. This might be changed with an update, these flash games are generally beta quality, but there is very little you can do beyond completing agendas that forwards through game time.


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