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OMG: TD is a hilarious and tactical Tower Defense game that features fast-paced defensive battles, fair RPG elements and much humor to bring hearty laughter. Around the Greek myths theme, the game presents a colorful pre-historical world where mini-figurine styled gods fight to drive invading titans out of Olympus under your leadership.

Titans are attacking Olympus but gods won’t stop arguing who should lead the defense. So Daedlus, inventor of all gods, put you in charge and will guide you through the first several battles. Use coins to summon gods and heroes, place them in strategic positions, kill invading monsters to earn more coins for reinforcement and prevent them from infiltrating through the gateway, and manage not to lose all Hearts at the last wave of attack to score a pass of a level – OMG: TD is structured in the conventional pattern and its uniqueness stems from its hilarious art design and story-telling, rich strategies and RPG elements and the overall special Greek mythology atmosphere.


From the all mighty Zeus to the brighty Apollo to dark Hades, you can gradually unlock 9 gods that attack enemies with their own unique powers. All in a cartoony figurine style, Ares will jump to give a heavy blow to a single monster from time to time, Choine maneuvers her icy spikes or freezing power, Poseidon surprises enemies with geyser-bursting seafoods or sharks, Artemis finishes off enemies with her bows and arrows which work especially effective on flying monsters, Hestia fries groups of enemies with burning fire, and Hades strikes fear into groups of monsters with dark power or summoned ghosts. And all gods can be upgraded by Souls gained by winning in battles to evolve both in looks and in attributes.

Moreover, you have legendary heroes as battle companions. Currently, you have giant Hercules that punchs enemies with great strength, Clyde Dale who kicks monsters down the path and drops caltrops to crash them, Nina Seamone, a siren that enthrall monsters with her songs, and Mr. Talonted who can either stun monsters or give nearby gods a boost in attack speed. And more heroes are coming on the way. Like gods, heroes can be upgraded to gain new skills and get an enhancement in the overall attack power; and unlock gods, heroes can be freely directed to any place in the battlefield giving a hand in the crowded spots or become the last defense to finish of any lucky bastard that infiltrate the cracks of gods’ defensive line.

Powerful as gods and heroes are, you cannot underestimate the attacking enemies. They won’t back down without multiple waves of attack and continue reinforce their troops with ever increasing number and diverse species. You will encounter more than 40 types of monsters covering diverse minions – some travels fast and in packs with greater chance to slip into the gateway, some slow yet with great tenacity, and some fly – and some infamous mini-bosses like Horse Fishes, Harpies and Satyrs. All monsters have their own skills and battle style and when the last wave comes, they go crazy and determine to break through with greatest toughness.

OMG: TD incorporates a star-rating system for each level. If you successfully score triple stars of a level, you can gain Soul bonus and meanwhile unlock the Challenge Mode of that level for fiercer and tougher battles. As you push your way through three distinct maps, while struggling in tough battles you have further resources, the various power-ups that can turn the table at critical moments. You have a Lightning Shrine in your base that can be energized to unleash an area splash electrocuting groups of monsters. While you can collect energy from the some rocks by chance, you can directly charge the shrine with Supercharges. And you also get the powerful Fists of God to smash an area, Beefcakes to recover killed heroes and more. The game offers 8 free power-ups in the beginning. Once you use them up, you can but purchase them for real cash.

OMG: TD offers exciting and addictive battles with the rich variety of heroes, gods, enemies, power-ups and the sweet designs of bomb-carrying sheep and so on. With its cartoonish graphics, fast and tactical battles and integral character upgrading design, it offers hours of enjoyment. A nice free app for pastime, it is worth a recommendation.

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