Omprus Games is Launching Soul of Guardian II this Month

TIME : 05th Mar 2013 TueAUTHOR : Eleanor

Omprus Games has announced that its newest free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG Soul of Guardian II will be available on March. 7th, 00:01, with the first server called BattleSoul.

Soul Of Guardian II

Soul of Guardian II is a browser-based ARPG and is a perfect combination of different cultures. It pictures a world of fantasy with four character classes, powerful guardian beasts and two rival nations. It allows players to battle with others in ruthless PvP events or team up to beat powerful bosses in dungeons.

Players will be able to get many free items in SOG II during the upcoming giveaway event, which will give all a leg-up during PVP fights. That aside, an improved Forge system, new Pet interface, a newly-added in-game guide and newbie guide, gorgeous new NPC portraits and a completely redesigned UI are waiting for you! SOG II is a refreshing experience!

Check out more about Soul of Guardian II’s features and upcoming events at the official page, and sign up at

About Omprus Games:

Omprus Games ( is a rapidly growing browser game operator and publisher. With expertise in game development and marketing, Omprus Games has committed itself to continually introducing more popular browser-based online games into the global market, and is hoping to consolidate its partnerships with more producers.