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Once Upon a Night

Once Upon a Night
  • Release Date: March, 2014
  • Publisher: 6 waves
  • Developer: WYSE Games
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Official Site

Once Upon a Night is a free and fun adventure game set in a casual, magical world. As implied by the title, the game has a fairytale atmosphere with a full cast of familiar characters in the childhood and leads you into a journey back home through the cursed, withered dark forests.

Your adventure in Once Upon a Night starts somewhere in an enchanted forest by the evil and powerful witch. You need to help restore the kingdom into its former glory while finding your way back home. Talk to the talking Life of Tree – an unforgettable journey thus begins.

Once Upon a Night

Once Upon a Night is structured in the similar pattern you will immediately recognize if you have ever played games like Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood or Gnome Town. While the storylines are always different, the basic mechanics is all the same: you start on your own working to push back the evil clouds and then reveal more lands and other characters to know their story. This is the case of Once Upon a Night, too. As you clear more lands, you will build various structures and gain different helps from those characters you saved from the darkness.

All starts with clearing, as usual. You need to get rid of all the remains from withered trunks to animal skulls from the land in exchange for space for buildings and resources like wood, coins and shamrock. Different from other adventure games, Once Upon a Night does not apply the energy system to set the game pace; instead, it puts a timer and Mana consumption over in-game moves. Specifically, it doesn’t cost energy to clear, build, plant or banish monsters but it takes an expansive period of time for all acts lasting from a few seconds to hours and meanwhile some acts like banishing mobs and charging totems require Mana to complete.

While there is a timer for every act, you can speed up it also by spending Mana or rubies (the premium currency). Where do you get Mana? You can directly purchase it at the store or harvest it from the well every 5 hours or from the handful of plants you grow on the land. While the last channel seems feasible for free players, it actually is not because you need to spend coins purchasing seeds, one-time use only, and coins are just as needy as Mana. You earn coins slowly by clearing the land and completing quests and expend them quickly in construction of different buildings.

You have a dozen or so buildings to construct at the recommend of characters and so unlock new corresponding features like forging and fortification. Most houses take at least one hour to complete the construction and require Friend-Invitation to actually be put into function, which means, you need to invite friends to take the different roles from archivist in the library to the cook in your farmhouse to really open them; otherwise, you need to spend rubies hiring NPC to fill the blankness. To expand further you need axe to blaze adjacent lands unveiling new contents and storyline. You have eight or nine free supplies of axes to start off with and then have to gain them at the Forge house or occasionally from the reward. Of course, you always can skip waiting and buy them for rubies.

Even though with the usual energy restriction, Once Upon a Night has a slow game pace, slower than the other two games mentioned above, due to its quick drainage of Mana and coins. In the game you will come to forced halt soon unless you cough up some real cash in it which will greatly accelerate your game pace.

Once Upon a Night is conventional in the adventure genre and above the average with its reminiscent storytelling, lovely graphics and animation and rich contents to be discovered under the cloud of the dark magic. But the game pace is a little slow and the Mana and coin system can use some adjustment to be more beginner-friendly. So the overall verdict for the game is good but it still has a long way to go to become great. Start with adding some background music.

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3 Comments on Once Upon a Night


  1. SO does that mean if ,you do not spend money,you will not be able to play the game???

    • You don't have to spend real money, I have been playing a couple of months and I have not spent any real money…that being said it just means you have to have patients cause the game will take longer.

  2. bernadette says:

    I have been playing Once Upon Night and keep having problems with it. It either kicks me out or freezes up. Also have to at times keep trying to get in. It is really frustrating. Can anyone help me with this I am trying to play it on facebook.


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