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Operation Gamma 41 is a free browser-based RTS title with a setting stated clearly from its sub-title, the Secrets of World War 2. Back to the historical warfare, it features the heated conflict between the Allies and the Axis, the very two factions players need to select and fight for one side. In it, players will get hands-on with the mainstay of strategy around base-building and tactical combat, and try something new such as marriage design for commanders and other twists added to familiar elements at the same time. Be a great leader and join Operation Gamma in 1941 to change the war!

Operation Gamma 41

To revive the war-torn city and make it functional headquarter is where you start the career of a commander. A tutorial briefs all basics from background to operation, informative and helpful. Building and upgrading structures in the city goes prior to war against NPC and real player opponents. As in most strategy games, construction or upgrading requires free laborers, consumes resources and takes time. So don’t expect to restore the base in a day. You just have to be patient gradually grow with more population, resources, technologies, commanders, army units, vehicles and so on.

To run the city, balance among counteracting factors is important to reach the optimal outcome. It’s beneficial to accumulate as much labor, resource and force as possible; yet the fact that one kind of resource is usually at the cost of the other makes its impossible to set every aspects in full throttle. For instance, tax rate has an inverse relationship with security of city, which means higher taxes get you more money but lowers the city security that may drive people away and invite enemy to attack. Also, to reward commanders from time to time with cash is also necessary to keep their loyalty and boost their morale. Besides, commander need to be leveled and increased in rank to take more troops to battle, standard upgrading as one way while a marriage system being another.

You first learn about army units and war in battles against NPC enemies before you are strong enough to take on real player rivals in arena and factional wars in larger scale. Strategy is possible only when you build up a large enough army with many a commander and various units and vehicle. And battle result is already determined when the deployment is done. Plan carefully to initiate an attack and meanwhile be well-prepared to face invasion at any moment. In the vast map filled with countless cities, it’s unavoidable to form alliances with neighbors or join a legion for mutual support and faster growth.

Operation Gamma 41 is slightly better than average. It’s not outstanding in the saturated strategy genre, but it is passable from graphics to gameplay. it’s far from a “must play” yet a potential choice if you are looking for a WWII-themed strategy title.