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Origins of Malu is an epic sandbox MMORPG that pairs sci-fi with fantasy in an impressive world. Player-driven, the game offers almost complete control for players to explore and experience. Ever-changing persistent world, classless character development, free skill system, crafting, player housing, player-controlled factions, guilds and their city-building, challenging battles, varying tiers of PvP, etc. – all are integrated into the title.

Origins of Malu

Key Features:

  • Evolving Persistent World: enter a breathing world home to plants, monsters and people, a world subject to changes in physical environment and something deeper and everlasting caused by players’ actions
  • Classless Progression: specialize in multiple skills, customize your character freely without most limits from the traditional class system, and develop your character into what you want to be
  • Player Housing: build your own homes at selected areas from the open field to secluded spots deep in some forgotten land with in-game tools; join a guild, build guild cities with friends and later turn them into factions
  • Player-controlled Factions: create your own guild and join up with other guilds to form a larger faction with great power; hold evolving territory and prepare for the discord and conflict alongside with domination of a server and uprising
  • Dynamic Challenging Battles: take on intelligent creatures and bosses of Malu, each with a variable nature, and adjust your strategies in battle as they will learn your tactics over time and evolve correspondingly
  • Tactical PvP: experience large encounters on a wide scale and fight opponents in combat that blends FPS with RTS elements; increase your fighting prowess by better gear and harden battle skills to execute the strategic aspect
  • Integral Crafting: manage your crafting skills to cultivate and maintain the environment; collect resources and create an entire world of possiblities
  • AI-generated Quest: immerse in a compelling story with rousing quests controlled by Artificial Intelligence that are customized for you and only occur once
  • Original stunning graphics

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