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  • Release Date: Oct. 31st, 2012 (OB)
  • Publisher: Artix Entertainment
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Action
  • Official Site

Oversoul is a new free-to-play card-based action MMORPG played directly on the web browser. It features anime-styled side-scrolling world, turn-based combat against enemies, card-based skill system in battle, and monster-capturing element, which have been woven together to make a unique gameplay.


You can pick up one of five initial characters to start the adventure, which include a Barbarian, a knight, a Witch, a Void Knight and an Alpha Wolf. Each character shares the same life and alignment point, but differs from others in their Element that decides their cards and skill types. Once you’ve made the choice, you are led to the overview interface and left on your own.

There is not any kind of tutorial to introduce the gameplay. So you can click around the buttons listed on the bottom of the screen figuring out the basic mechanics of the game. The buttons are quite self-explanatory: Characters button get you to the profile screen (where you can also switch between characters you gather); Cards get you an overview of all 20 initial cards for your starting character; Char-Tree is kind-of a progression diagram; Elements shows the different matching relationship of overall 9 elements in the game, which needs to be kept in mind to deal with different enemies with the right strategy; and Map is where you can explore around to battle NPC enemies.

Adventure starts. In the map, you will find caves, buildings, ruins and other designs, all of which can be entered with an NPC with random element type waiting. Battle just starts, without any explanation either. But you can get hang of what’s going on after fighting your first battle. You take your turns to deal damage and have a maximum of 30s each turn to consider the action you will take. You have 5 cards in hand at a time, which decides the skill generally categorized in defense, attack and special ability you can use for yourself or against enemy. Each card has an elemental value and can be used when you have the equal value at least. You start with low value stats but you can gain some in each round and more if you don’t use skills in a turn. So, a battle just goes on in turn until one side loses all its health to lose the battle. If you defeat your opponent, you have a chance to get the character; and if you successfully own it, you can equip it to battles, but have to level up independently.

With more characters/monsters gathered, you can not only try various fighting styles but also have better chance of defeating more enemies due to the elemental advantage. If you have a character of the Chaos element, for instance, you have more winning odds against a Light enemy while standing in lower hand against a Neutral type. And once you capture a character/monster, you will have an automatic deck of cards of its type.

Besides exploration, you can also enter PvE Battle for a quick battle or PvP Random to be set up with a random player. There is not much difference between PvE and PvP in terms of how a battle carries out. But you can only gain XP and Gold in PvE when you triumph while being able to get them as rewards even if you lose in PvP. In addition, PvP duel will be available when the requirement is met.

There doesn’t seem to have an in-game store where you can get possibly get more cards or other enhancing items. Being free-to-play, it also implements a second currency, Soul Gem, which can be purchased in packages to get you stronger characters (with cards) like Black Dragon and Void Reaper.

Oversoul marries the monster capturing with card battles in a unique way. It doesn’t have any final objective to achieve, and just offers endless matches for collectors to get as many monsters as they like and card fans to have a few strategic matches. Not long ago, it just entered the public beta phase and continues to develop and iron out the bugs. If you are a collector and strategist type, you can have a try.

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