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P.A.W.S., fully named Prime Alien Watch Squad, is an upcoming strategic battle game for PC, Android and iOS. The game features a beautifully hand-drawn world, a lovely alien-fighting storyline and simple yet strategic battles, all available for free!

P.A.W.S.’s cartoony world is invaded by aliens who use advanced devices to make world monuments vanish. To restore peace and the time stream to Earth, the Prime Alien Watch Squad, the highly trained force, is called upon to fend off the alien invasion. Players will lead the P.A.W.S. to complete this mission.


The squad includes four anthropomorphic characters, each unique in some way. There are the melee Tigress, the healing Bear, the ranged sharpshooter Squirrel and the Tortoise with multi-target area attack. Following the story-driven campaign, players will lead the squad into many hex-based battlefields, using each unit’s special abilities and endless strategies to fulfill their tasks.

The game features truly simple design in combat: each unit has only one attribute, the Strength Number (SN), which indicates its range of movement and damage it deals and takes. And strategy stems from the clever calculation of SN and use of the hex-based battleground. Due to its large permutations for each level, every battle will be different with the randomly generated layout, obstacles and enemy design. In addition, special missions and epic boss fight are added to further diversify the gameplay.

P.W.A.S. is intended to be a casual battle game with hidden deep strategies, high value of replayability and beautiful hand-drawn graphics. It is still under development at a small indie dev studio. The developers are seeking crowd funding via Kickstarter to help complete the game, add more exciting features and bring it to more platforms.

If you are interested in supporting P.A.W.S. you can visit its kickstarter page.