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Pako King: DreamWorks Adventures

Pako King: DreamWorks Adventures
  • Release Date: August 2013
  • Publisher: Ludia
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Official Site

Pako King: DreamWorks Adventures is a beautiful peg-destruction puzzle game with a special theme of Dreamworks films. The game features a cast of iconic characters from Shriek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Dragon and more and designs diverse settings and stages for every character. Aim, shoot and bounce – clear orbs with skill and claim the crown in the Pako King-dom.

Pako King: DreamWorks Adventures plays conventional with the physics-based mechanics. There are red gems, a couple of power gems (in default) and other obstacles on the board. You shoot orbs out of cannon on the top of the screen and aim to clear all red gems on the board within limited orbs to pass. If you still have remaining orbs after completing a level, the rest orbs will trigger Bouncing Spree that bounces the double number of remaining orbs to boost the score for greater chance of winning all three stars.

Pako King: DreamWorks Adventures

Besides purchasing extra orbs, you have two other ways of getting free orbs during play. When you make nice shots and bounces, you have the chance of filling the Point Meter to the full (1,000 points with one shot) and gain one free orb; or you can get one if you can fall your shooting orbs into the Lucky Bucket moving to and fro in the below. Such designs stimulate more skillful game play adding strategy and timing into the mix.

As you unlock new characters and worlds you also unlock brand new boosters. The Trusty Target shows the exact bouncing paths of an orb so that it is used best when you have one or two orbs left to turning a losing tide, while the Tri-orbs split into three by hitting the first gem to offer greater bouncing and quicker clearance of target gems. The game offers a free package for every power-up item and allows you to purchase more for diamonds in the shop when you use up the free supplies.

Pako King: DreamWorks Adventures is in the same vein with CapPop’s Peggle and King’s Papa Pear Saga but with a unique DreamWorks theme. It prepares four distinct worlds for now (more coming) and places four or five characters from corresponding films. Starting from ‘Shriek’, you will travel all the way to Donkey, Fiona and Dragon and then move to the world of Kung Fu Panda. Each character has 6 different stages unique in setting and board design. Such a theme does not only serve as background but plays a more interactive role. Every character has its own special power that can be unleashed by hitting the power gem. Fiona’s touching singing pops 20% of remaining red gems – so use it as early as possible; Shriek’s ogre power clears surrounding orbs; and Dragon’s breath turns ordinary orbs into fireballs that burns through a line of orbs without much bouncing.

Unlike most puzzlers of this genre, Pako King: DreamWorks Adventures doesn’t adopt the Life system; rather it uses a Coin system to set the game pace. You expend coins to play a game and earn them, in the exact number of your scores, in completion. While the basic level goal remains unchanged through the whole journey, there are three bonus/coin-based modes unlockable and selectable before you start playing a level. The basic 10,000-coin/score x1 mode is bonus-less and the most inexpensive. With progression you can unlock score x2 and score x3 modes that cost more coins but offer double and triple score gains respectively. If you become Pako King of a level, beating all friends in the leaderboard, you gain a lot of coins as rewards.

Pako King: DreamWorks Adventures is free to play on Facebook and it monetizes via Diamonds used to boost the gameplay in multiple ways. If you want to get a leg-up greater than score x3 mode, you have the option of spending diamonds unlocking the ‘gold pack’ mode including score x5, one additional power gem and two additional orbs. If you run out orbs but don’t want to give up, you can spin the wheel for diamonds to gain extra orbs. Of course, diamonds can also purchase boosters and coin packages for continuous play. But you can earn diamonds by playing, which encourages replaying of levels – diamonds are rewarded when you get 3 stars of every level of a character.

With the beautiful scenes inspired by DreamWorks films and over 100 addictive and challenging levels, Pako King: DreamWorks Adventures is simply stylish and fun.

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