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Panzer General Online is an upcoming free-to-play RTS war game created for the web browser. A new installment to the Panzer series, the game is developed by Blue Byte into a promising hardcore strategy title like its other siblings such as Anno Online and The Settlers Online from the same creator.

As the first playable directly on the web browser, Panzer General Online is described as to represent “a new direction for the legendary Panzer General series”. It will focus on turn-based tactical battles on the historically inspired battlefields that are rendered freshly and uniquely with the patchwork of hexagons.

Panzer General Online

Players in the game will take the role of generals and battle to gain power and fame over the vast map. They can choose to join single-player campaign or the multiplayer mode and jump into fray in the heated crossfire against AI enemies or real-player rivals. Generals can build a strong troop out of a wealth of units including infantry, tanks, airplanes and artillery and so on, and can customize it by the special implementation of trading card system. Collect and trade a variety of cards that represent the military units and create the personalized army.

Panzer General Online is under development now and scheduled to enter Closed Beta phase this year. Interested generals-to-be can sign up for it now.

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