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Panzer Pets

Panzer Pets
  • Release Date: Oct. 2012 (est)
  • Publisher:
  • Developer: Gamundo
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Official Site

Love robots? How about creating your own robot pets from gathered parts and riding them across the world for adventure? It’s a really good concept, and it’s the framework of an upcoming robot-themed MMO, Panzer Pets.

Panzer Pets

Panzer Pets features a post-apocalyptic world taken over by robots. There, players as sort-of robot builders will hunt for robot parts, build their own customizable pet robots and fight to take back the world. Guided by the back story, players will explore the vast land filled with randomly generated zones and dungeons, collect and trade robot parts, design own squad of robots, challenge each other to battles, form or join a guild to complete missions together.

Everyone starts with enough parts to make the first basic robot, and then move on in adventure for more robot parts. Gathered, purchased or traded, robot parts of four general types are basic to build one pet, e.g. Cores to make up the head, Arms, Torso and Legs. Cores decide the base stats and level and other parts offer certain bonuses each, which all together make a unique robot with its own abilities and traits. Additionally, new parts and slots such as backpacks and shoulders are also unlockable at certain level in the progression.

Every player can take up to four robots into one battle. Battle is turn-based, fast-paced and silk-smooth. And strategy comes from the robot types and turn sequence that is determined by a robot’s speed stats and the last ability used. Battle and win; that’s the commonest for robot to level up and access to higher-leveled parts. At the meantime, crafting is an alternate option to get collected parts to higher levels, and a necessary way to prevent those parts collected at low levels from going waste quickly.

In-game world is vast and varied with scenes from wilderness to cities to underground military complexes depicted. Players need to defeat the hostile robots in one area and then move on to the adjacent zone. Along the way, they complete missions and gather loot, robot parts and crafting materials, etc.. Dungeons that generate randomly to offer fresh experience every time challengers come are scattered around the world in different forms, be it desolate city or scrap heap. Despite the post-apocalyptic setting, it offers an impressive beautiful art style contrary to the dark-gritty palette, which depicts a stylish fresh world.

Panzer Pets combines role-playing, trading card and strategy elements altogether to present an amazing experience. Built on Unity 3D engine, Panzer Pets will be released on cross-platform including iOS, Android, PC and Mac browsers. It’s currently in a kickstarter campaign to source funding for its development. And it’s scheduled to come out in October 2012.

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