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Panzar is a free-to-play fantasy MMO focused on team-based PvP combat. With its stunning graphics, fluid gameplay and fierce, diverse combat, the game made itself a hit title as it was released initially in Russia yester-year. Now Panzar makes entry into Europe, providing a chance for players there to jump into the fray in English, German or French language version.


The game utilizes CryEngine 3  engine that renders stunningly great and detailed battlefield with lush landscapes.  Panzar offers 8 different classes, well thought of to keep balanced gameplay, players can choose from to create their characters and command them to  fight in fierce, outrageous battles. Each battle pits two teams of players against each other, fighting for the final victory and enjoying the spoils from gold to XP, useful to characters’ further development. The game has combined easy-to-pick-up mechaincs with complex character development to create an ever evolving core experience. Team-based and PvP-focused, the game offers four different gaming modes for diversified play as such:

  • Clash for Domination of strategic locations
  • Fight to size keeps by playing King of the Hill
  • Initiate castle Siege attacks against enemies
  • Use Blitz tactics to retrieve a priceless artifact

Panzar is free-to-play, supplemented by micro transaction. Players can get access to the full gameplay without spending money, but have the choice of premium status that offers a variety of advantages from early possession of desirable items to instant level-up of characters without consuming XP or gold.

Since its Russian open beta in April of 2012, the game has established a community over a million players less than a year, and it was critially acclaimed by Kanobu as the “Best Russian Game 2012. Now, Panzar has opened its door to European players since this April. With its greatness in graphics, combat and balance of gameplay, Panzar is worth recommendation.

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