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Papa Pear Saga

Papa Pear Saga
  • Release Date: March, 2013
  • Publisher: King
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Official Site

The social game publisher King.com has changed into King near its 10-year anniversary and brought two additional Sagas to its series of puzzlers on Facebook. Of the two, one is Farm Heroes Saga we just reviewed, and the other is Papa Pear Saga, a physics-based puzzle game inspired by Japanese panchinko mechanics.

Papa Pear Saga

Papa Pear Saga is simple to pick up and straightforward with the core gameplay as any other title from King. Alternating between brief introductions and base matches, you begin to learn the rules and use them immediately step by step. Without any background story, it starts directly as you control a cannon that pops out pears (in hamlet), which then hit and bounce off the environmental objects – pegs, carrots, acorns, bamboos, etc. – on their way down to the score buckets at the bottom of the screen.

Each level has its own goals to meet. Earn x points, shoot at and remove certain number of acorns, clear a path for the fruit to the buckets, light up all the buckets with lids over them, harvest some carrots, and so on and so forth – you need to finish one or a couple of aforementioned missions in a level in general. You have limited moves to use. When you successfully meet the goal, the left-over cannons turn into extra points in your buckets.

There are currently four different themes from pirates to pyramids as the backdrop of the four available maps in the game. Each map contains 15 levels for you to explore, each with its unique arrangement of pegs in diversified shapes, numbers and movement. The acorns can be knocked off only once with a low points; some pegs can move to and fro and can be bounced off in triple times, color changed and scores increased with every bounce; and the different carrots form certain paths that can be bounced off twice, for example. Besides, there are a series of Boosters that can be unlocked in the midst of a game.

From score multiplier to Papa fire and to spilt Papa, the different Boosters unlocked and activated gradually add another layer of diversity to the game. Once you unlock a booster, you can either purchase them with real-money and use them from the initial, or perform well to activate them in the middle of playing. Hit the multiplier and you get better scores with every bounce, bounce into the split Papa and you get an extra bouncing Pear, and activate that pink fiery ball and you can probably save the scene by directly lighting up the last bucket. As you make your way forward, you enter more challenging levels and probably will find these Boosters not only an icing on the cake but the timely help necessary for passing a level.

Papa Pear Saga is not a brand new title entirely but a twist based on the namesake webpage version of King. It’s beautifully drafted and solid in the core. For casual players with a liking for puzzlers, it offers moments of fun.

Papa Pear Saga Screenshots:

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7 Comments on Papa Pear Saga


  1. carrie kushner says:

    im pissed. I like this game, everytime I try to play it resets.. so I loose a life or two.. redue your page apparently… im ready to quit.

  2. I already posted a comment. I said, I like this game, but it reboots everytime im in the middle of a game, I loose lifes 2 or 3. it eventually said facebook is not responding. it only happens on this game. I don't know if other people are having the same problem but I guess im the first..

  3. cheryl says:

    I have been playing papa pear saga. At times it freezes during the game and I cannot proceed. Each time this happens I lose a life. What can be done?

  4. Sunny Cheek says:

    I just LOVE this game!!!! I'm 77 years old and feel like it helps to keep the cobwebs off the old brain. I don't like the change you made when you "ask friends" to send a life though, it takes forever to go thru them. Could you please go back to the way it was? Thank you for such a fun game.

  5. Charlene dudley says:

    Papa pear saga just started freezing on me and I lose lives. I'm really getting mad. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

  6. cristydivad says:

    i like papa pear sags its amasing



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