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Pearl’s Peril

Pearl’s Peril
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: wooga
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  • Genre: HOG
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Pearl’s Peril is a brand new hidden object game with intriguing detective-style story and special play scenes. The game tells the story of Pearl, an ace pilot and explorer, who left her glamorous life in NY and came back to her family’s island because of her father’s mysterious death. To uncover the hidden secret behind her father’s alleged suicide, Pearl and her friend Iris start the journey solving puzzles, piecing together small facts and uncovering a big conspiracy.

Pearl's Peril

There is a story hidden in every place we visit. From the initial small club to the various scenes in the island, you will help Pearl investigate different spots, collect clues and finally piece all you get to solve mysteries. The game is driven by a good story with episodes full of suspense and drama, which unfolds little by little as you explore and unlock more and more scenes.

The game consists of seven chapters which in turn include five scenes and a final adventure scene each. In every chapter, you need to unlock the first five scenes one after one, accumulating badges (similar to stars) and gathering clues that combine to work in the final adventure scene leading into new areas of the island for progression. As in most games of this type, building different structures on the island is the key to accessing new playable scenes. In the shop, you can find many items from paths and rivers to decorations and grand buildings to add to the island, each of which will add a different amount of Prestige that in turn is used to unlock new scenes. Note that, though, the construction is time-consuming if without the help of dollars.

Play scenes to win coins and building materials, and build the island to activate more scenes. In this way, the game leads you into the depth of the myth. Also because of this design, you have to play one scene many times for the required badges and clues. And the re-play in Pearl’s Peril is one important feature created better than most hidden object games in the market.

Instead of a shifting hidden object list, Pearl’s Peril increases the difficulty level as you play again and again. You can’t just rely on the memory. You will find more objects mixed into the scene, or change of location of a familiar item on the basis of partly different object list. Both the searching hidden things and scoring are conventional – find the required objects as soon as possible with the optional tool of magnifying glass, and get points based on speed, accuracy and tips. Besides badges, you will also receive coins (always) and occasional building materials or clues.

Pearl’s Peril is free-to-play, with optional premium currency available. While searching scenes is fast-paced, the entire progression in the game is slow-paced for free players. And that’s where the game monetizes. Wait for the construction of a building to complete or make it finish immediately, replay a scene many times for the occasional building materials or buy the required now, wait for the energy (consumed to play a scene) to recharge at a rate of 1 point per 20 minutes or get a full refill instantly – overall it’s a choice over freemium or spending real money.

Pearl’s Peril remains a single-player game despite on the social platform. It seems that the only social element in the game is the opposability of asking or sending free gifts to Facebook friends. It can be more satisfactory if the in-game graphics are further polished and the free-to-play model tweaked. On the whole, though, it’s an attractive title with an engrossing story, fresh scenes and special re-play design. It’s worth a try.

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50 Comments on Pearl’s Peril


  1. Linda says:

    I wish there was a way to move building, etc around to fix any mistakes

  2. Louise says:

    I can't get the scene of father's room ,I can get the first one ,the second one the ribbon I can only get one. the fruit can only get grapes . How are you suppose to get the key out of the bird's mouth ? and open chess drawer?

  3. Sarah says:

    How do I cut a coconut from the tree..?

    • PAULA says:

      you have to get both things needed, the knife and that other thing, then the ice and fruit, click on the table there is stuff on there, then click on the tray with the empty wine glass the women is holding, oh and the key needs to open the box on the right which has the ice in it, if you've done all this get the fruit and ice into the mixer glass, then it has to be poured into the glass the lady is holding, THEN the hand will hover over the knife pick it up and take it over to the coconut it drops and you can finish it then. My advice just click on everything.

  4. how often do you collect flowers from a project once its complete. I don't seem to be earning any. are there any extra directions to help new players along?

  5. Diana says:

    I am having trouble with "Father's Room". I found the teeth, two fruits, and one ribbon. There is no more to be found, that I can see. I really need help..

  6. Margaret says:

    I really enjoy playing this game but cant get pass the father room still need to find one ribbon,strawberry,banana and a cup any help will be nice will even consider paying to skip this

    • tray says:

      put the teeth onto the chest inside u will find the other piece of ribbon which give u 2 pieces and the then tie bk the curtains to find the rest of the fruit give the bird the fruit and then pick up all the chess pieces and put them on the board and it will give u a piece of the key the other piece of key is hanging above the bed there is one piece in the chess board and the bird got a piece open the box and level complete

  7. Margaret says:

    wish someone would post how to get all things in father room seem some of my friends on level 78 cant seem to get everything where is the key I found the teeth one ribbon two fruits where is the banana strawberry and a cup

  8. Maria says:

    I ex'd out the next chapter I had earned by accident and now it won't let me move on. Suggestions?

  9. chuck says:

    i Cant fly, how do you fly……any suggestions

    • Josi Pastora says:

      Wooga unfairly chooses who can fly at random. This isn't fair or smart. Not everyone wants to fly but those of us who do are at the developer's mercy. I could fly. Then they took it away. They should let everyone fly. Just decorating the island is getting old.

      • kris says:

        I can fly, my friend can't. It's not really fair. It adds so much to the game to see how one decorates their island. If they take the ability to fly away from me ,I will be quitting the game and my friends will probably quit too.Hopefully the game developers will listen to their players.

  10. Susan Teer says:

    I am chapter 6 in the tent,have been stuck there for over two weeks will not openthe final chapter of 6 looks like a cave.Sick of playing the same chapter over & over

  11. guest says:

    i need a certain amount of flowers to move to the next level. i keep purchasing items which give me the points, but does not register so i can move forward. who can i contact to straighten this out??? thanks

  12. barbara says:

    in chapter 8 0r 9 I cant get all the requrments to move on its says I have 200 put I need 205 cant move its the court room seane help please

  13. Debbie says:

    Its not a single player game when it come to flight help, and don't have the money to buy the extra person. There are 3 of us that play and that leaves ONE to always having to buy. I NEED HELP. None of my other friends want to play.

  14. Susie says:

    I have went through the first journey. But I am stuck at the site with plane in the air. I have complete the the first journey. How do you get the 2nd level unlock. I have taken the family portrait. But I am stuck. Can anyone make any suggestion.

  15. linda says:

    HELP,,The fathers rm ,,how do you get the dish ,,the fruit,,the second ribbon,,all help appreciated ,,,Thanks & God Bless Ya

  16. cindy benson kern says:

    is there a way to see other player's islands?

  17. Linda B says:

    Has anyone completed Pearl's Peril ?

  18. TRISH says:

    whats happened to the captains challenge I am on chapter 11 and the ship seems to have gone AWOL

    • Jana says:

      I can't figure out how to find the second piece of the light switch. Have you found it? Seems that some objects are only retrievable after the light is turned on.

  19. Jo Ann says:

    I cannot get the game to come online–been playing, building-went to ship,played a few times—-now no more game!!!

  20. Sandy says:

    I have played this game off Facebook and I am currently on chapter 28. When I tried to switch it to play with my friends, it put me back to the very beginning and eliminated all my chapters. How do I get it back?

  21. rosanne says:

    How does one travel to level 4?

  22. Sharna says:

    Forget asking questions you will never get an answer, it's a pretty much play as you go, learn as you go game, try and get some friends who are playing to join you. I had started it on my apple, and then we were going away for a couple of weeks, transferred to to my i-pad, totally different……….. go figure, it's a good game but gets rather tedious when you have to play for weeks to open up a piece of land, make sure you keep lot of coin so you can buy a building when you get a chance, and good luck to you all

  23. Sueg says:

    I'm on scene 85 and I apparently need 750 more points to reach the end. I'm going to be playing the same scenes for ages to get enough points. This is insane! And why have they changed the amount of time when you purchase something to get the flowers! You used to wait about 6 hrs and now I have to wait over 2 days for some. I'm going to lose interest. They need to make some changes.

  24. Charm says:

    I am unable to fit any more buildings and or decorations on the island. How does one explore the island (need more land.)

    • Barb S says:

      If you move some of the buildings you might find empty spaces underneath, ie that you cannot see from above., Then you can buy extra items, and site them underneath the buildings – this will give you the ability to travel onwards.

  25. Margaret Scott says:

    I have collected all the requirements to open the next challenge, "The Sorbonne" and all I got is a blank screen. I have gathered enough requirements to open the next scene which is "Field Hospital" but it says "Play Previous" before I can open this. This has been going on for a week. Please help or I will have to delete this game and delete a game that plays.

  26. carmen says:

    I cant play the pearls peril it suddenly stop what would I do?

  27. Kathy says:

    When you earned an extra energy in a scene, how do you get it? where does it go.

  28. Josi Pastora says:

    Wooga, let everyone fly. You'll lose players if you don't. Not everyone will fly so give us that option.

  29. Linda Thielepape says:

    How do I get to a Explore and open up other areas of the island?

  30. EVELYN MEINS says:


  31. dawn says:

    What is the best browser to use to play Pearls Peril?

  32. Sharon Sexton says:

    I can't send request to my friends. Can't send energy or tickets or ask for help in flight. Please help me move on.

  33. Courtnie says:

    I'm stuck on level 4. I've collected all the badges that I can, and I need 120 more flowers to open the next chapter but have no more room to add items to get the prestige :(

  34. bobbie Sills says:

    Can't find the praying mantis while playing with the capt.

  35. Please reply to us who love playing this game Pearls Peril- I can't go further after chapter 3 then 4 doesn't open and have mastered chapters have energy, coins,75 badges, flowers What do we need to go on except repeat the previous mastered chapters of finding objects.

  36. Patsy says:

    I don't get the tickets iam accepting from friends they never seem to add to the total
    anyone know why and how to fix this?

  37. Penny says:

    Hi I Need some new friends for my Pearl's Peril game on face book, if you need some extra help on your page too please pull me up !!

  38. Kathy says:

    hve not been able to play pearl;s peril for over two months….I can collect from buildings and do puzzles but can not do chapters…please help

  39. Joleen French says:

    Great game



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