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Pepper Panic Saga

Pepper Panic Saga
  • Release Date: Nov. 20, 2013
  • Publisher:
  • Developer: King
  • Genre: Puzzler
  • Official Site

Pepper Panic Saga is the latest match-3 puzzler from King, the social game giant that created the hot “Saga” series including Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga and Pet Rescue Saga and so on on Facebook. And now with new title, the developers are ready to swipe the matching-3 field with some hot, spicy flavor that will keep you hooked for hours.

Pepper Panic Saga

Similar to King’s traditional storytelling, Pepper Panic Saga stars a special dog named Pepper Puppy who has a crazy love for peppers instead of bones. Following the heart, he drives a van starting his adventure in search for peppers through a myriad of levels. Help him to pop peppers and create pepper panic with explosions!

Pepper Panic Saga is built on the traditional match-3 mechanic with the familiar swapping and matching rules. But it brings in some ground breaking twists to the genre. When you make matches of three or more same colored peppers, you don’t directly pop them but grow them merging them into a larger size. With continuous matches, peppers grow further and then explode when they are big enough. And if you manage to chain 10 explosions, you create the fantastic Pepper Panic that cleared the entire board for you.

The growing and explosive peppers blaze a brand new direction for the level goal and deepen another layer of strategy. While you still have the same objectives to reach like scoring x points, getting at least one star and collecting x number of peppers, you also have some different tasks to complete and have to put a little strategic thinking on the use of limited moves instead of simply focusing on speed, scores and larger matches.

Gladly, the strategic part does not end there. Nor does the story. You will have to deal with a stealing cat Mr. Claws. As the story unfolds, a pepper dropped out of Pepper Puppy’s van happened to fall into the flask of Mr. Claws who were experimenting with some mysterious fluids and a fish bone, and caused an explosion (well, those peppers do explode). Mr. Claws seems intrigued and decides to steal giant peppers. So watch out and don’t give him easy targets.

In some levels, Mr. Claws will show up with his paw on the board. His claw will target one line each time and will get the bigger peppers if there are any, which certainly baffles your way of growing explosive peppers. So while you try to complete your specific missions of that level, you have to avoid the stealing paw. Quite interestingly, if you can make a great match of five or more peppers or create some special effects, you can knock Mr. Claws out for a short time. Of course, you can use a special booster item, the Pepper Net, to protect one large pepper once from being stolen.

There are quite a few Boosters in the game as in most match-3 puzzlers out there. You can unlock them one after one as you travel your way through levels and use them in emergency to turn the table. You usually have three of them for free and have to purchase more if you want. And don’t forget to always try some large matches – they can generate surprising effects, too.

Pepper Panic Saga is appealing in the first glance and addictive to play on, simple to start and challenging to keep triple-Stars. It maintains the classic match-3 basis and creates a completely different experience with its new strategic part of gameplay. Crazy about peppers? Play it and perhaps you will be too.

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  2. Julien says:

    Bonjour, comment fait-on une bombe au niveau 18. Merci d'avance.

  3. Kathee Davis says:

    I can't get my pepper panic to work. I am going through panic withdrawals!!! HELP!!!!



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