Peria Chronicles

Peria Chronicles



Release Date :
2016 (Korea)
Publisher :
Developer :
Genre :
Sandbox MMORPG
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Peria Chronicles is a new anime-styled Korean sandbox MMORPG with rich and cool features. The game conjures up a fantasy world where players take part in its creation and can interact with every element there.

Peria Chronicles starts with a lore about the warfare between the God of Chaos, the creator of the race of Kirina, and the Goddess of Silence, the creator of humans and their home Peria. The war ended in tragedy as two gods perished. The land of Kirina was destroyed and migrated to the withered land of humans. What will Peria happen of in the future, another battlefield or a peaceful habitat? That will depend on players.

Peria Chronicles

Players in the game will experience a free-style gameplay. They will be able to interact with every detail of the world and further shape the world via the crafting system. With that players can move NPCs, develop land and build structures on it, and change natural environments. And they can generate quests and interact with both other players and the lovely nature.

To continue the pending story, players will interact with various tribes of Kirinas that have different forms, attributes and talents. Some of them can be hostile and ferocious enemies, while a lot others can be recruited as trustworthy and helpful allies that can grant players new skills and new power. Drawing upon the strength of Kirinas, players can create their own battle formation and form their tactics in battle.

Peria Chronicles is powered by in-house developed engine that renders great cel-shaded graphics and lively animation. Entering the world is like entering an animation and interacting with adorable characters.

Peria Chronicles was showcased by Nexon in G-Star this year that just closed. It is still under development without a release date yet.