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Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga
  • Release Date: Oct. 31, 2012
  • Publisher: King.com
  • Developer: King.com
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Official Site

Pet Rescue Saga is the latest entry of King.com’s block-busting puzzler successive to the popular Candy Crush Saga. Pet Rescue Saga, as the title indicates, tasks players with mission of saving over 10 different adorable pets like piglets and bunnies from various threats depicted at different scenes and environments.

Pet Rescue Saga

The game starts straightforwardly after a piggy says hello. Easy-to-learn as always, it introduces the basic rules by tips in the first several games. You just need to click on groups of same blocks to remove them whiling trying to reach the required goal to pass a level. Generally, you may need to clear the board by certain percentage or save x amount of pets initially placed on the top of board. To save the trapped animals, you need to get them down to the bottom from which they can walk out to freedom. By removing blocks, you can also charge up a Column Blaster rocket, which once activated can be used to clear a column visible for now on the board. With level-up, you will get access to slightly different or difficult games where you need to handle the caged blocks, barriers, bombs and other puzzles. Meanwhile, you can draw upon the strength of boosters which you can gradually unlock and purchase to use.

Save the cute animals from the pet snatchers and have some simple fun in the fairytale-themed world.

Pet Rescue Saga Screenshots:

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35 Comments on Pet Rescue Saga


  1. Amy Kemp says:

    I am unable to get over thebroken bridge at level 27. I have scored over 125,000 and got 8/8 animals. Could you please tell me what I amdoing wrong. My friend and husband made it over the bridge long ago. I like this game, but am tired of being stuck at the broken bridge.

  2. maria says:

    yo lo salve solo comprando el articulo que recomiendan

  3. xandy says:

    ola eu passei pela faze 87, mais e agora , como continuar,? ñ tem mais numero pra seguir em frente,! como continuar ?

  4. jill kirkwood says:

    how do you get the animals off the wall on both sides to go to the bottom i have tried so much im ready to quit entirely love the game but frustrated

  5. bsantillana says:

    do you people ever read these questions and try to answer them? i would like to know what to do with the coins colleced in these games, NO ONE EVER READS OR ANSWERS THE QUESTIONS FROM YOUR LOYAL FANS.

  6. lynda says:

    can not down load pets resue saga game on facebook, can any one tell me what l have to do or help me pleasse.

  7. cccccccccccccccc says:

    how do you purchase boosters with coins that you have??

  8. How do you retrieve a new life if a friend sends you one?

  9. ninea vertodazo says:

    how can i open my game pet rescue and candy crash they stated connection is untrusted i dont know why it happen can you help us so that i can play again from the beginning …

  10. alice says:

    I've completed level 147 is there goin be any more levels???????????????

  11. Mary Kesot says:

    It seems that I am not getting the lives that people are sending to me, or the coins. No matter how many lives people send, I only have 5. It wasn't this way when I started to play! Please fix!!

  12. Larry says:

    Game is not loading

  13. john says:

    wqhen are they going to extend the levels past level 177 …..

  14. Sue says:

    How do I collect lives sent to me from friends when my Que of lives is already full? Each time I log on to play I have timed into 5 lives. Several friends will have also sent me lives to play with. If I click on 'accept' I can play with the 5 lives I already have but have no idea where the lives sent to me by friends have gone. Can someone tell me how to retrieve these gifts?

  15. How do you use the coins that friends give to you? I am on level 104 and still do not know! HELP!!

  16. Carol says:

    Tell us how to access the coins.

  17. Sandi says:

    I never seem to get the lives sent to me by other Pet Rescue players. I must have about 50 by now?????????

  18. rhonda says:

    I'm on level 85 and now it won't open it tell me its not set up for my device yet when i played it already

  19. Debbie says:

    How do I get friends to help me over the bridge?

  20. joyce gilkerson says:

    are there any rules for any particular game

  21. How do you get pets off a ledge? there's no way to move them over. doesn't seem fair

  22. UNIQUEHEAVEN says:

    I stopped playing this game..Ithere is no way to move the animals from ledges. It appears that there is no one answering questions here…quite a waste of time..so disappointed 🙁

  23. Connie Loredo says:

    Not enough friends playing so cannot go to another level what else can I do

  24. sharran says:

    i had to have my computer repaired, now the list of friends I had is gone.how do i get them back iso i can get through road blocks?

  25. Paula Breaux says:

    I am trying to get past a level and receive help from my friends and I need one more slot to fill and I have received 2 help notifications from my friends but they are not showing up and I still cannot get past the level. What is going on? Why is the help to get past a level not working.

  26. Barb says:

    I want to know how u get the lives people send you.If you already have 5 lives and people sent you more, I wait til I use those 5 lives and then go back and get the ones people sent me but you can't do them on pet rescue, WHY? Does any one know how to get them?

  27. Quanda says:

    how can I get the pets sitting on a wooden block at the bottom? I have tried to rocket the column next to it. I have tried getting column to move to the left. I need these pets to be able to get the 14 animals rescued. No other animals are coming down. My time runs out. Help

  28. Jan says:

    I can't figure how you get the butterflys to pick up the pets I can get the 2 on the side but not the ones on the bottom HELP



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