Phantom Army



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Phantom Army is a free-to-play Third-person Shooter developed under the concerted efforts of the creators of Blacklight: Retribution and Crossfire.

Phantom Army

The game will be a fast-paced, action-packed game due to its third-person view and a special clamber system. Fast to action it is, the game allows players to utilize the Brink-style action jumping over obstacles, ducking into holes and sprinting across the battlefield. It is all about positioning, fast movement and mastery of weapons that will help one win.

In addition to the action figure design, the game also incorporates an ever-changing map system to make the battle more dynamic. In each battle, every team will choose one L-shaped section of the map and then a random square is generated in the middle to bring the confronting sides together seamlessly. In this way, every battlefield is different, breaks all comfort zones and challenges players to learn the map and adjust their play style.

Phantom Army has a scheduled release on Steam in early 2014.