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Pirate 101

Pirate 101
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: KingsIsle Entertainment
  • Developer: KingsIsle Entertainment
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Official Site

Pirate 101, a new forthcoming family-friendly fantasy title, is brought by KingsIsle Entertainment, the very team that released Wizard 101 years ago. Now the kid-friendly fantasy world shifts from the magic school to the high seas.

Pirate 101

Pirate 101 takes place in the same universe of Wizard 101 and takes on the similar cartoony style with a bright palette. Players in it will continue to challenge the Clockwork Empire, only that battlefields expand from the ground to the sky (not the sea surprisingly). The game starts from the end of the war among several nations, which results in the uprising of the power of pirates feeding on both trade and plunder.

Players will pilot their tall ships traveling across skyways and floating islands as a Buccaneer, Musketeer, Privateer, Swashbuckler or Witchdoctor. Ships can be customized with all kinds of upgrade as well as personal flags and heraldry. Crew that vary from melee, ranged to healing need to be built as well to accompany players in the journey of adventure. Discover the riches, unveil the mysteries and engage in battles that range from the swashbuckling on the ground to board game-style battles to the aerial ship-to-ship combat. Unlike the card collecting feature of the combat in Wizard 101, combat in this title is more like that of a board game. And once players gather a large number of members at disposal, the battle turns into much of a turn-based strategy combat.

Besides strategy, another special part about the combat is that it isn’t only about battling down opponents but also involved specific goals to achieve at the same time. For instance, players together with their crew must defeat the boss and try to unlock three pillars located at different places in the room. Moreover, there are various obstacles that players need to overcome so as to finish the objective.

Pirate 101 is a game that are designed for family to play together. Developed with younger players in mind, the game boasts a safe gaming environment that is created by the selection of features such as the pre-set character names, pre-selected menu chat and even a master password setup that allows parents to select game features for their kids.

Pirate 101 is free-to-play with optional premium items available to enhance the game. It’s being tested now and slated to go public this year. Then players can get hands-on with this game “that is different from Wizard 101 but remains comfortable and familiar”.

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18 Comments on Pirate 101


  1. somebody says:

    Pirate1101 in only in closed Beta. it will not be released until later this year according to J. Todd COleman.

  2. Sophia blue says:

    So nobody knows the exact release date at the moment? Cause omg. I have an archmage fire, death, life, and balance and I have a transcended ice and master storm and journeyman myth. I am like, SO ready for a new wizard101 update or for a New KI game to come out!
    Friend me if you see me! Katherine 72 ice thamature
    Sophia Blue 80 pyromancer
    Catherine 80 sorcerer
    Ginelle 80 theurgist
    Christina 80 necromancer
    Nicolas (actually my little brother's wizard but I play him too lol) 37 Mythsomethingorother
    Katie 38 stormsomethingorother
    BIG W101 FAN, I BUY YEARLY MEMBERSHIP AND 60,000 CROWNS WHEN I CAN! Go kings isle! 🙂 but I do request there is more chat filters and you can check the chat boxes whenever you can for those clever people that can go around any filter. Thanks! And P.S. I think pirate101 is a great idea but try not to make it too similar to the pirates of the carribean game because I have played with membership before and there are a lot of haters that will tellv you that you copied from the game so they won't play.

  3. Nadlin says:

    How do you go in pirate 101 like make a pirate character

  4. Chris says:

    I have been playing Wizards 101 for the last two years and love it I have even started a new account so I could do a seventh wizard. Can not wait for the pirate 101 to come out so we can have two really awesome games to play. Hope the release will be soon. Thanks for providing such an entertaining and fun way to relax and enjoy friends and also play a very well thought out interactive game. Thanks again. Chris

  5. gian says:

    how do i download pirate101

  6. brian says:

    i dont know how to play the game???

  7. rocky says:

    🙁 when will it release i am dyinig !!!

  8. jhon says:

    its not out yet but the beta for the game is out to enter beta heres the steps step1: go to offical pirate101 website step 2: register for a account step 3: go back to homepage press enter beta drawing step 4: login with your account step 5: if your lucky you would get a email to play the game before its out

  9. Shelby says:

    I love W101 and hope that Pirate101 comes out soon 😀 Level 18 Necromancer (low level noob lol)

  10. Jaderiver says:

    I am Melissa Jaderiver, Level 46 Master Pyromancer and Theurgist. I absoulotly love Wizard101 I been playing for 9 months and I still play. I am also working my way to beat Grizzleheim because I am not high enough to enter Celestia. ( pretty name right?)Can someone tell me about how pirate101 works. I will give you some questions that I was wondering about in the past. Question 1 does pirate101 have a bazaar? Question 2 What is the highest level to beat pirate101? Question 3 Does it have school like Wizard101? For example Fire, Myth, Death, and Storm.
    Question 4 Is there any spells that you can cast on Pirate101? Question 5 Can you dress up your character as a dog, cat, panda, tiger, crab, skeleton, monkey or any other any animal. If anyone knows all the questions I asked, I will give you permission to friend me on Wizard101. Thanks have a nice day wizards.
    Sincerely, Melissa Jaderiver

  11. Chris says:

    I played the Sneak Peak version of pirate101 yesterday from 2pm-8pm and let me tell you that is was a bad ass game XD I'm not so sure about this but I heard for another wizard character in wizard101 who seemed like an adult woman (judging from her choice of words and maturity) that pirate101 will be launched next week, now I'm not so sure if that's true or not but I hope it is. The game was cool when I played the sneak peak version so I'm looking forward to playing the game once it comes out.

  12. Zachary says:

    I'm Zachary Nightweaver, Level 73 Life, I love W101 and can't wait for Pirate101! I think Pirate101 is open to everyone on the 15th of October! See you guys on the game.

  13. jan says:

    yes it is. head start is out if you purchased membership or bought a packege.

  14. jjlol says:

    i logged into pirate 101 and tried to play. the window clearly states- "Until October 15th, Pirate 101 will be opened to head start members only."

  15. BleuHighwind says:

    Pirate101 is out TODAY!!!!!

  16. Serious Kyle De Buff says:

    Pirate 101 been out for a few weeks now. There isn't magic involved in this game at least not like Wizard 101, but you do get skill classes (which allow you to train skills like in wizard 101). You also get Practice points in pirate 101 (which is like training points in Wizard 101). No there isn't a Bazaar in Pirate 101 at least not as far as i have gotten in the game. Dosen't mean they won't add something like it, but it might be some time. There still fixing some bugs/issues that the have too. Highest level in pirate 101 that i know of according to the class trainer skills is level 50 atm. It dosen't have exsactly schools, but it dose have a difererent trainer for each class. So far in the game i don't see anyone dressing up as a bear or any animal except during a quest and to say the truth (The costume was ummm…. well…. rediculous). Other then that and the fact there is diferent ship levels. Different size ships and you can customizes them as you like too.

  17. antoine says:

    c es poche qui lon pas fait en francais!
    cool comme jeux



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