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PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2
  • Release Date: Unknown
  • Publisher: SOE
  • Developer:
  • Genre: MMOFPS
  • Official Site

PlanetSide 2 is an upcoming free MMO FPS scheduled to release in 2012 by SOE. It is a spin-off to the original first-person shooter PlanetSide, which is subscription-based and released early in 2003. Running on the newly built Forgelight Engine, the sequel will be a ‘reimagining’ of the original: it takes the acclaimed features from its predecessor and meanwhile expands the game’s scope to a higher extent.

Three empires are at war on the embattled Auraxis. Players can choose to play as well-drilled Terran Republic ruled under law-and-order, loosely-organized New Conglomerate comprised by dissidents, or tech-maniac Vanu Sovereignty rich in alien weaponry.

Core gameplay revolves around seizure of key territories and control of resources. And power shifts with the gain and loss of every battleground. In-game world is persistent, a battle won is only temporary, and a base captured may be lost any moment. So alliance is called for and strategic teamwork is a must.

Maps feature several contestable continents; wars are fought among hundreds of troops. Over 20 basic weapons are accessible and customizable; so are the air and ground vehicles. Every empire has two exclusive vehicles, with the rest open to all. All characters, vehicles and weapons have their own skill trees, realizing diversified play-styles. And as characters develop through the skill tree, different combat roles (including several classic roles from the original) can be unlocked one after another and switchable among each other.

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