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Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Review

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Review
  • Release Date: May, 2013
  • Publisher: PopCap Games
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Official Site

The adventurous road trip in the Plants vs. Zombies universe sets off on Facebook with the launch of the open beta version of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. In the new sequel to the hit franchise, players will go beyond their yard and discover an ever-expanding world with brand new features optimized for the social platform.

Concepts that make the original game popular and successful are maintained in the sequel as the core. From the basic sunflowers and peashooters, you will unlock new plants one after another with progression through levels. And you will collect Suns and place these plants strategically to fend away the invading zombies that come in several waves and with different species. These are all implemented but constituted as the basis for the new twist in the game structure and mechanics. And the new features make the Adventures sequel an experience familiar but fresh.

Plants vs Zombies Adventures

In the game a road trip will be your adventure. You will drive your RV, with harvested plants in your Town loaded, and set off on different quests within the story – mainly around helping neighbors – taking on zombies in a variety of different environments. Not the never changing backyard scene anymore, each destination on the map presents a unique layout with beautifully drawn artwork in detail. More importantly, on each map zombies attack from different directions instead of one way and can reach your RV or/and the other protected houses in multiple paths. With the increasing challenge, the number of plants you can use in general is decreasing – you can’t use as many plants as the Suns you collect allow, but need to put more strategy and calculation to use the least possible amount of them to win a battle because plants are grown in the Town and can be used only once. Zombies will still eat your plants when they get near. But you can revive the destroyed plants by using Suns.

You have your own Town in the game, a small patch of land that be expanded to the adjacent areas covered by heavy fogs. In the Town, you will grow the unlocked plants you can take to use in a battle and construct various buildings that give different bonuses from coins to perks to the battle. And plants come from coins (the in-game soft currency) and go to coins, too. You need coins to purchase plants to grow; and you get coins turned by the used plants when a battle ends. Plants take an expansive period to ripen; the more powerful the plant, the longer the time. Due to the price of growing and one-time-use mechanics, you need to constantly grow them and use them tactically to reduce the cost.

While you can fight zombies on your Road Trip, you still need to position some plants in your Town that may be under attack by invading zombies from time to time. If the zombie in an invasion gets into your houses there, you will need to repair them to recover their functionality. In addition to zombies sent by the system, you may get attacked by waves of the undead sent from your friends. Surely, you can always make your retaliation by doing the trick to them, too.

Besides the twist in the game structure, the freshness of the gameplay comes partly from the new features added to the sequel. You will meet up with many of the old favorites here, but you will get to know some new-comers at the same time. To spoil a little bit, there will appear beeshooters that look like the peashooters but with a face painted in yellow and black, a kind of barrel-dressed zombies that go a little frenzy when their barrel is shot down, and new plant perks that can expand the attack range of a plant, and more.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is a wonderful sequel and successful installment to the hit PvZ franchise. With its proven core concepts, greater artwork and excellent use of social aspects as well as freemium model, it is sure to appeal to old PvZ fans and new casual game players alike.

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