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PopCap’s mega-hit franchise Plants vs. Zombies has extended beyond the backyard to new battlefields on Facebook via a new game titled Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. It’s the first social adaption of the PvZ series, a highly accessible zombie-zapping adventure designed specifically for this social platform.

PvZ Adventures

A new twist on the classic original game, Plants vs. Zombies Adventures will break the confines of backyards and present players with a series of wild and humorous road-trips. Players will live a life out on the open road and travel near and far to a great variety of settings while thwarting the invasion of the undead. Along with the diversity of sceneries, the defense challenge becomes greater, as zombies will this time sabotage the environments from more than one direction instead of the original right-to-left push forward. Correspondingly, players will make defense from a top-down, isometric perspective.

On the top of changes, there will also a plethora of all new contents to be added along with the old favorites. Exclusively new plant types and zombies, new ways of obtaining, cultivating and deploying plant defenses, and new forms of zombie combat – all these will create a fresh world full of refreshing experience.

Released on Facebook, the game will present social additions suitable for the platform. Players will be able to send hordes of zombies to their Facebook friends, and at the same time need to set up a defensive line around their own base in case of the same action from others. And the old same leader-boards will be there, too.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is in an exclusive closed beta now, with open beta slated to come out later this spring.