Prepare for the Mummy Invasion to M.A.T.

TIME : 05th Apr 2013 FriAUTHOR : Eleanor

Mission Against Terror (M.A.T.) is being invaded by mummies this month. Along with the invasion, there are new maps to play on, new weapons to equip and new items to gain. You can check out the details below after the cut.

Mission Against Terror

  • New Map:

Pharaoh’s amusement park, has been added to our constantly growing map collection.  Fight among an abandoned ferris wheel, or take a trek through the house of frights as you dodge and fight the minions of the Mummy Queen, hell bent on taking over the world!  We’ve added in item and weapon drops throughout the map to aid you in your fight against justice and peace!

  • New Weapons: Golden Sun Dragon assault rifle, arm mounted rockets. 

Following our promise to deliver new player designed weapons every month for the better part of the year, we bring you this month the Golden Sun Dragon assault rifle.  It features a dragon head planted on top of the barrel, and comes with a scope and as the name implies, a golden color.  Next we bring you back to the old school days of FPS gaming, with arm mounted rockets.  Relive the good old days with these powerful weapons.

  • New Items: Mummy Backpack, Rotting Mummy Gloves. 

Last but not least, we are featuring a new mummy backpack design for those wishing to accessorise their character’s look.  To match the backpack we’ve added in a pair of rotting mummy gloves, which will help you improve your reloading speed.

To get a brief introduction of the game, read our M.A.T. preview. To sign up for Mission Against Terror, or just find out more info about the game, visit the official M.A.T. site at