Prius Online to Terminate on March 27th, 2012

TIME : 11th Mar 2012 SunAUTHOR : Eleanor

gPotato posted the termination announcement for Prius Online, a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, at the official website. March 27th will see the close down of all servers; and compensation is offered.

Prius Online Termination Announcement at the official website as such:

“We regret to inform Prius fans with a sad news. From March 27th, 2012, gPotato will no longer provide service through Prius Online. As result, all Prius Online servers will be closed.

What Happens Between Now and March 27th?

. All cash shop items will be reduced to 1% of original price from March 9th – March 27th.

. Compensation (both in other gPotato game packages & bonus gPotatos) can be claimed through compensation page from March 9th – April 10th.

. Servers and Prius Online forum will be closed on March 27th.

. Compensation page will be closed on April 10th (Claim your bonus gPotatos and package before April 10th !)

We hope to meet all of you again in Aika, Allods, Flyff, & Rappelz!!”