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Project Tank is a free-to-play U3D third-person shooter web game that in the same vein with the hugely popular World of Tanks. Back in the 20th century, the game re-created the armored warfare with lifelike battle scenes in memorial of WWII. It features a wealth of weapons and about 60 different tanks (more planned) for now, which are modeled on the real D series and S series from early 30s up to the Korean War to mix realism into the gameplay. It’s easy to learn the basic control, with depth reserved for tactical skills and team-based cooperation.

Project Tank

Key Features:

  • Battle in multiple maps and battle scenes of an alternate WWII
  • Use destructible elements of a battlefield as weapon, creating positive influence for your team or negative against the opponents
  • Make a strong team and battle for honor as One with close cooperation and team-based tactics
  • Choose from a large arsenal and control different types of armored vehicles for a diversified experience
  • Research various techs to reinforce the firepower of your tanks and create a unique identity

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