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Project V is a brand new MMORPG which is in development with over 2.5$ million investment from NHN so far since 2010. It tells the classic story about the feud between vampires and werewolves and depicts the endless struggle and confrontation.

Project V

Both races in the game have their own basic humanoid forms. Of them, the vampire race is noble with a life of wealth, master of curses and black magic in the human form who can transform into vampire-style jaguars and then reapers at stronger state. The werewolf, on the other hand, lives underground and specializes in various weapons and magic against foes in the humanoid body. With the similar transforming ability, werewolves are able to morph into humanoid wolves and then werebears when they become more powerful.

Each race is designed with its own unique skills. The werewolf can put a stake through a vampire’s heart, for example, while the vampire can drain the blood of its enemy. Both races have the abilities and skills to defeat each other, absorbing essence of life to strengthen itself and win points for better gear and crafting items, etc..

Besides the gorgeous skills and combats, Project V provides some other interesting features like faction-based invasion-defense wars, hell mode for high level characters and permanent death.

Currently, Project V is still in development. Since its debut at the last G-star, it has drawn great attention of publishers from NA and EU. But it is unknown whether there will be an English version yet.