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Psychic Clues

Psychic Clues
  • Release Date: Dec. 2013
  • Publisher: Klug
  • Developer:
  • Genre: HOG
  • Official Site

Psychic Clues is a crime-themed Hidden Object Game around criminal scenes investigation, evidence analysis and case solving. Psychic Clues is in the same vein with Criminal Case but presents a completely different artistic design for all the scenes. In Psychic Clues you take the role of a special consultant to the criminal investigator who possesses the power of psychometry. You will use your special ability to investigate and solve a series of cases, searching the criminal scenes, collecting evidence and putting the murderers into justice.

Psychic Clues

Every case starts from the crime scene with the dead body where you collect initial clues and evidence and then send gathered evidence to the forensics team and also use your special psychometry ability to figure out next moves. Clue to clue, you will continue to find more scenes to investigate for potential evidence while cross-checking them with suspects until you pinpoint the criminal and gather enough evidence. If you are fan of Criminal Case you will be familiar with the game structure immediately: find hidden object in search scenes to collect evidence and earn stars, spend stars on evidence analysis as well as psychometry, and then move on to the next scene until the case is closed. While the basic elements are similar, Psychic Clues plays different because of its special psychic theme and, more importantly, unique anime-styled artwork.

Unlike most realistic HOGs, Psychic Clues features anime or manga styled play scenes that are equally artistic with the arranged mess but introduce an unusual color shading. The entire scene is not all bright; instead there are shadows and dark tones which surely make the searching hunt a fresh experience and meanwhile a little bit more difficult. Each scene is designed with its unique objects scattered around. While most are logically located, you will still need to find some items in the places they don’t usually show up like a garbage bag on the wall.

When it comes to the searching part, Psychic Clues is traditional basically with the star-rating system, time/combo/ accuracy-based score system, laundry list mode and free hints. But it adds some fresh design in the commonplace play: instead of the usual shifting between list and silhouette mode, it combines the two types into one – while you always get the laundry list of objects, you can see the silhouette for each hidden object by moving cursor to it, which sometimes facilitate a quick completion.

You will need to replay one scene for multiple times in order to get the stars for evidence analysis or necessary clues for further investigation. In replay you can rely on your memory for the position of the objects won’t change. But there will always appear new items on the list to add a little difficulty in every play. Moreover, there will be special bonus scenes which challenge you to find as many objects as possible within about 30 seconds. And if you earn all 5 stars in a scene, you reach the Master level and then can spend 5 points (15 points off) of energy playing that scene.

Energy bar is still the pace setter and also where the game is mainly monetizes. You need cash to purchase energy packs if you don’t want to wait for the slow refill. Another place real cash can offer advantages is that it can immediately complete the time-consuming evidence analysis. With regards to the social elements, it encourages you to invite friends who can offer free energy and also be your assistants for better outcome of an investigation.

Overall, Psychic Clues is a conventional hidden object game but with some nice twists. It is like an anime and psychic take on the Criminal Case and offers some challenging and intriguing hidden scenes.

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  1. clue girl says:

    This is a supreme work of art.


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