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Puzzle Chasers, an upcoming social title from Konami, is going to turn the old-school jigsaw puzzle game into a brand-new kind of gameplay on Facebook. It features two different game modes to challenge players to assemble jigsaw pieces and immerses them in a story or a competition, invariably with fun though.

Puzzle Chasers

Story and Blitz are the two modes in which players complete puzzles with different approaches. The Story mode, as suggested by the title, motivates the process of puzzle completion with a romantic comedy storyline. Players will follow two adventurers to rebuild piece by piece the world’s landmarks that are turned into puzzle pieces in disorder, in order to prevent the world artifacts from being stolen by the evil force. With sort-of tips from the story, players choose the pieces to fill and choose one of several presentation options to fill, and they are timed and rewarded when filling the open shapes with correct pieces. Blitz, the other mode, is comparatively more challenging, for it asks player to search for the very piece to fill in the required space instead of freely deciding which space to fill in the next move.

What’s mentioned above is just a brief sketch of the basic mechanics of Puzzle Chasers. For jigsaw puzzle fans, it’s very likely to be another time sink with its immersive gameplay and pleasant graphics. Look forward to its launch this summer.