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Quantum Rush

Quantum Rush
  • Release Date: Dec. 11, 2013 (CBT)
  • Publisher: GameArt Studio
  • Developer: GameArt Studio
  • Genre: Racing
  • Official Site

Quantum Rush is a free-to-play futuristic multiplayer online racing game featured with fast-paced competition, action-packed combat and deep racer customization. A blend of sci-fi theme, racing and combat, the game will appeal to both casual racing fans with hardcore action-oriented players.

In Quantum Rush players can get a wide range of racers unique in configuration and capabilities. With a starting racer, the player can warm up in the special training mode horning skills in control and knowing the racing tracks and the high-tech racer. And players can dabble into the early tiers and earn and use credits to research new technologies and unlock better racers. They can buy and sell racers and fully fine-tune their favorite, both visibly and functionally, in various traits like acceleration, armor, energy, speed, heat and more.

Quantum Rush

Quantum Rush features really cool race tracks, metallic and gigantic, extending with zigzags across land and to the space. On these tracks a wide collection of power-up items scattered that can be picked up and used to boost performance. The supersonic speed is just the basic characteristics of the racing and the built-in weapon system for racers make the fast run a boom. When 20 skillful racers gather on the tracks, the intense multiplayer action simply lights up the screen. Due to the considerate integration of social elements, players can add buddies to the friend list and create team to enter the matchmaking system together.

With its extensive racer customization system, a diversity of mounted weapons, stunning race tracks and great 3D graphics, Quantum Rush is an exciting and polished multiplayer racer worth a try.

Note: Quantum Rush has launched official closed beta on Dec. 11.

Quantum Rush Screenshots:

Key Features:

  • An intense and exciting futuristic multiplayer online racing game
  • Various super-cool racers varying in appearance, capabilities and traits to trade
  • Fine-tune your own racers in looks and function that cover a large array of aspects due to the extensive racer customization
  • Built-in weapon system with a bundle of futuristic armament for high-octane action
  • Special training mode for newbies to get used to controls and get to know tracks and racers
  • Stunning tracks on land and in space with various pick-up power-ups along the way
  • Intense multiplayer competition with up to 20 players on the tracks
  • Make friends with players from all around the world, add them in the friend list and team up to jump into fray together
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