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Quarriors! is a digital adaption of the original table-top dice building board game with the same name. It is a mixture of strategy and dice-rolling chance and provides fast-paced, tactical matches for both solo play and real-time & asynchronous multiplayer competition.


In Quarriors! you become the mystical warrior who can capture Quarry (i.e. dice or card), the powerful creatures and magical spells, with the abilities of harnessing the powers of Quiddity. Each Quarry you capture has its own strength in attack & defense and some are blessed with special abilities offering certain bonuses like extra Quiddity and strengthened attack and powerful magic spells to deal damage directly. The rich variety of the Quarry design creates a heap of strategy, which combines with the luck element of the simple rules to make an addictive gameplay.

In each battle you can have 12 cards in your deck and take turns to deploy and act: activate the immediate abilities if there are any, unleash the power of magical spells and use quiddity to summon creatures dealing damage upon all rival’s Quarry. It is all about the wise use of limited quiddity, tactical selection of Quarry and a little luck. If your summoned dice can get scored – the creature summoned on the previous turn survives until this turn – it earns the preset amount of Glory for you. And the first player who fills the Glory meter to full wins the battle.

Quarriors! offers several different gaming modes to cater to the varying needs. You can capture in the wild in the solo campaign, jump into fray with couples of online players in real time competition, or play the pass-n-play asynchronous action with offline friends. Whether you are looking for an immediate quick match with AI rivals or interaction with friends at your own pace, you can find it in Quarriors!.

Quarriors! takes the strategic board game to the iOS devices and optimized for the touchscreen control. It can be downloaded at the App Store for $5.29.

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