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Quest Defense is an intense Tower Defense game that challenges you to defeat the Evil Dragon and his hordes of minions. Answer the call of defense quest and protect the continent from the forces of the boss dragon.

Quest Defense

Quest Defense offers a total of 49 levels of tower-defense challenge with progressive difficulty. With a mellow start fending off limited, weak minions, you will gradually set up greater defense to block out the ever crazier enemies. With progression, you also grow stronger with more and more mercenaries and heroes at disposal and new skills activated to spicy up the intense combat. From the anthropomorphic animal fighters to powerful mercenaries and to skills, all can be continuously upgraded to release the true potential and all are fully animated with dazzling 3D graphics. As you battle through all previous levels horning skills and strategies, you will come to get the final Dragon Boss and fight a really tough battle to claim the ultimate victory.

With one-time purchase, you can play Quest Defense seamlessly on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And now the game has a $0.99 (66% off) special offer lasting till Dec. 8.

Key Features:

  • Intensive tower-defense combat with awesome graphics and deep strategy
  • Unlock and recruit up to 12 powerful mercenaries and 13 legendary heroes to safeguard the castle
  • Further strengthen your combatants via the upgrades
  • Activate , upgrade and unleash the unique power of 20 active skills
  • Overall 49 challenging levels to battle through to defeat the forces of Evil Dragon and earn dozens of Achievements
  • 20 types of hostile monsters to annihilate and an epic Dragon Boss to defeat
  • A universal app going seamlessly on all Apple devices
  • Game Center support