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Quiz Buddies is a new mind-boggling multiplayer quiz game available on both iOS devices and web browsers via Facebook. The game pits you against your Facebook friends or random gamers for quick rounds of quiz competition. Test your knowledge base and compete against friends to be the quizmaster!

Quiz Buddies starts straightforwardly as you pick up the first unlocked quiz topic, General Knowledge, and challenge a Facebook friend or a random player to a match. Each match consists of five questions, and you need to choose the correct answer out of four options for each within 20 seconds to score high points. There are three helpers – swap a question for a new one, remove two wrong answers, and double the score of a correct answer – which you can use to boost the final points. When a match ends, you will see your score and that of your opponent’s if he/she is online playing synchronously.

Quiz Buddies

The game supports both synchronous and asynchronous style of gameplay. When you challenge an offline friend or a random player, you can answer your questions with a Turn preserved for the opponent. Similarly, you will also get challenges while offline that can be accepted at a convenient time. So you can play a match from Your Turn (i.e. accepting challenges), or start a game initially. Both cost lives to play. Like the energy system, you have 5 lives in default and you need to wait for the slow recovery or have them refilled fully immediately with real cash.

Interactive and fun, the game is purely about real-player competition. It’s unavoidable to invite friends to play. While it’s possible to be matched with a random player, it still requires Ask-friends-for-Tokens to unlock the other quiz topics from Film & TV to Food & Drink if you are not willing to throw down some cash.

Quiz Buddies is available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish language versions. It is a casual, fun, interactive game if you have a bunch of friends who enjoy it as well.

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