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Rage of 3 Kingdoms

Rage of 3 Kingdoms
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Publisher: RMS
  • Developer: UQEE
  • Genre: RTS
  • Official Site

Just as the ancient Rome is the typical setting for many western RTS games, the Three Kingdoms era is the most frequently used background in the Asian titles of the same genre. Now, another real-time strategy simulator popular in Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Korea is reaching out for more players with the English version, that is, Rage of 3 Kingdoms from Malaysia-based RMS.

Rage of 3 Kingdoms

Rage of 3 Kingdoms starts quite conventionally with a quick tutorial, in which you walk through the basics of upgrading active buildings, turn-based battle, dispatching of general and army type, importance of equipment and taxation. The game mechanics contains the same elements – strategic maneuver of army types and selection of battle formations, construction of a town for back support, and management of resources – but is rendered with slight difference from the standard formula.

Firstly, you can’t freely build and construct structures in the town in the beginning, but have to follow the quest line to upgrade the activated types, for you can unlock certain structure or increase the number only when you have reach required levels and meet the specifications. In this way, the construction is simplified with the exclusion of strategic plan. Then, resources come to the scene lately and gradually, farm first and then hunting, which are restricted to several harvest every day with cool-down time.

On the whole, battle is the bulk of gameplay. You can explore in the scene to challenge NPC generals, defeating them and putting them in the recruitment list, or enter the Mineral area where you can fight to occupy resource fields against local army or other players who have already taken the place. To become stronger, you need to constantly upgrade the equipment, know better about formations, train your generals and expand the army size. If you fail, you are reminded to check out all these aspects and try to challenge again.

Rage of 3 Kingdoms

As you move your town to conquered regions, you also advance in the battlefield. Defeat the weak army with basic units led by obscure generals, and gradually encounter stronger opponents heading more diverse army types such rider, healer and witches. You need to learn from the battles about the strength and weakness of one unit against another, such as swordsman stronger than spearman while rider in upper hand against swordsman. With over 50 units and 10 formations to unlock, the game plays more exciting as you level up. You can handle well alone in the first battles, but need to join a party (4-8 players) to battle the boss-like enemies. To fight in a party, the battle is rendered a little bit different from the single-play mode, faster and merrier.

New battlegrounds and minor features will be activated as you reach certain levels. You choose to join one kingdom at Lv. 10, access to Arena at Lv. 60, and join national war at Lv. 110, for instance. Besides, there are clans, jars game, hunting and naval wars and so on. The level cap is high, and it’s kind-of incentive to grow stronger and reach something new stored in higher levels.

Silver, Gold, Merit and Fame are four important stats in the game. Silver is mainly gained by taking quests and taxation and spent on purchasing of basic equipments and items in the shop. Gold are given a certain amount in the beginning, earned in small amount by taxation and completion of quests, and can be used to exchange for various advantages such as ending the cool-down time of upgrading buildings and equipment or buying extra entry to mini-games. Merits are earned from battle and drained quickly by researching, while Fame is gained more difficult by attacking other real players, but is required in recruiting the 4th and more generals. As usual, the VIP status need to be purchased by real money while offering obvious advantages.

Rage of 3 Kingdoms offers solid game with emphasis on strategic battles. On one hand, it has simplified the construction and management aspects, which makes it more beginner-friendly; on the other, it lacks of informative texts for certain quests and contents, which needs a little exploration in the wiki or asking help in the chat. Simply put, it is great but not special.

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