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Ragnarok Zero is a new browser-based MMORPG that is going to bring the classic franchise to the western market. By combing the “modern game features” with “nostalgic art styles”, the game is ambitious to bring back the old favorite Ragnarok Online world and adventure.

Ragnarok Zero

Ragnarok Zero is set in the kingdom of Prontera where players as heroes embark on adventure to save the kingdom from destruction by foiling the schemes of the devious forces. Players can start as a frontline Swordsman, a Magician with area-of-effect attacks, a supportive Acolyte, a sharp Archer, an agile and deadly Thief or a versatile Merchant with various tools. Each class will have its own skill set and abilities that can be unlocked and upgraded via progression in the game.

The game will carry forward the artwork style and sound tracks of the classic to create the nostalgic atmosphere. Yet based on its Chinese version, it remains an open question whether the tradition will be inherited with regarding to the world, the combat, the game balance and the entire immersion of gameplay.

Ragnarok Zero is in development at Dream Square and will be launched by the Chinese publisher Ngames behind Wartune, Pockie Ninja and other browser-based MMOs. A release date is not announced yet but an upcoming closed beta is slated to start in the end of 2013.