Reign of Dragons

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Reign of Dragons is a free and fun collectible card game with attractive artwork and engrossing gameplay. It depicts a fantasy land in peril threatened by evil. To eliminate the shadow, players start the journey on the quest of searching for powerful dragons and finally ascending the throne as the next Dragon King.

There are tons of quests in the game to help players get started. By questing, players can collect various dragon cards, coins and experience to level up. With a deck of cards, players can plan the tactical moves from attack and defense to buff and debuff, each consuming a set amount of stamina, with the final objective of eliminating all enemies that popped out. Battle to battle, new quest/battle zones will be unlocked; so will the bosses. In addition, players can also duel each other to a quick match to win the special gifts.

Reign of Dragons

One of the most engaging features of Reign of Dragons is its card enhancement system, which allows players to level up cards and even evolve them to the Max with super-powerful attributes. A card can be evolved more than once, with the exact evolutions a card can have indicated by the gem slots at the bottom right of it. By evolution, not only will players get stronger cards with different artworks and better stats, the unwanted cards also get a good place to go. Collect, enhance and trade – the fun is endless.

Key Features:

  • Collect, upgrade and evolve hundred of dragon cards
  • Head-to-head combat in numerous PvE quests or against thousands of players in the tournament
  • Great artwork of cards with rich animation that bring cinematic battle experience
  • Take on solo campaign or team up with friends
  • Regular free updates with new quests and cards filing in