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Relic Quest

Relic Quest
  • Release Date: March 2013 (open beta)
  • Publisher: iWin
  • Developer:
  • Genre: HOG
  • Official Site

Relic Quest is a new hidden object game that just opened its door to players on Facebook. Role-play an archaeologist who starts field work for OMNI, one of the world’s top archaeological groups, and embark on a journey full of discovery and adventure.

Relic Quest

Relic Quest is structured with a fair conventional pattern, which involves playing hidden object scenes and constructing your own museum. Following the relic-recovering story in the game, you will explore different scenes in search of various relics, clues, coins and toolboxes and then use the money and materials to construct the museum – add exhibits, decorations and resemble quest items, etc. – to accumulate the Museum Rating, which in turn unlocks new playable scenes. Around such a circle, you can make progress and push forward the gameplay.

The major part of playing a hidden object scene is similar to the crowd. The difference, or uniqueness, here is its integration of bonus coins and toolbox in the scene. In addition to the required items, you can also find three coins and three toolboxes in most scenes, which once found not only help score high but also offer extra coins and materials needed to build the museum. Moreover, there will be special items marked with a frame in the list you need to watch for, for they help build the exhibits. You can replay a scene many times to fill up the mastery meter (similar to star) and earn extra coins and EXP, sometimes the clues and quest items, as reward. As usual, Energy rules.

While you are eager to follow the clues unveiling the secrets behind every artifacts, you can only play as much as the energy allows at one sittiong. Usually, there is a gap between the scene the story requires you to play with the mesuem rating that allows you. So you have to spend some time in your museum at the interval of exploration, raising the museum ratings to catch up with your pace in the scene.

Your museum occupies a large square, almost empty though in the beginning. Starting off with the Iraqi room, you will gradually fill them up with uncovered exhibits, re-assembled relics, and various theme-related decorations. Some construction takes time to finish, with the always available quicker way of using hard currency; and all projects consumes different materials. One interesting design here is the possibility of toggling the museum between two states, with or without the walls between different rooms. Probably because it’s still in beta, there is not the relocating or turning option so far.

Relic Quest has a distinct storyline that leads you into different scenes once you unlocked them. A series of NPCs – staff from OMNI, smugglers, the Brotherhood – with their own personality will also come to the scene, bringing more suspension and drama to the adventure of treasure hunting.

A single player’s game in the core, Relic Quest also incorporates some social elements commonly seen in titles on this platform such as free gifting, friend invitation and leader-board. Simply visiting a friend will offer you a couple of free energy and coins; and more interesting, you can challenge a friend to earn some extra coins. So it gives you rewards for having friends playing in the game.

Relic Quest is overall a conventional title in the core with a few twists and turns in minor aspects. It needs future improvement on its museum graphics and useful tools, but for now it’s playable and enjoyable with its good adventure story and solid hidden object scenes. Accept the relic quest now and uncover the dark secrets around ancient artifacts!

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