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  • Publisher: Travian Games
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Remanum is a free commerce-based browser game that lets you to conquer the world by trading. It’s been online since June of 2011 in the original German version. And now with the release of international server, English-language players can finally access to it. Remanum players will step in the role of merchants in ancient Rome, who build up trading empires, travel around 20 different Mediterranean cities and compete against rivals to finally ascend to the throne of Emperor. The game features complex market-based goods trading system with ever-fluctuating prices of goods. Outwit hundreds of thousands rival businessmen and vie for wealth and power. Who will be the crowned Emperor when the game shifts to next around after six months?

Remanum Preview:

Remanum is a business simulation that is put in the typical real-time strategy world. In the game, you build, not the military-related structures but the industry-based facilities; and you calculate, not the types and formation of dispatched troops or the possible raided resources but the suitable prices in a bid or next hit goods in the market. It’s a world about business and politics. Test your sense of business and vie for the crown of Emperor in the economic world.

To start, you select a game world, choose a city out of four options (Oriental, Roman, Celtic and Carthaginian), pick up one of nine avatars (three being female and six male) and then you are in. A tutorial says welcome and teaches the basics covering four aspects: establish profitable commodity chains; trade with thousands of other players; earn a reputation; affect the world through politics. Tutorial is a bit long but informative, and offers rewards as you finish the quests along the guide.

Whatever are the prior choices, they affect little of the following gameplay. All starts from the same level ground. In the beginning, your estate is almost empty with plots, divided in country field and city zone, lying unused. You have only one Clay Pit to start out with; and the first task (within tutorial) is to build the first Kiln, to which clay is taken and made into valuable amphorae. Employ workers at the industry and sell your goods at the Emporium for denarii, the Roman coin used in trading. Production takes time; so does the sale. You set the unit price (within a price bracket) for your goods, which decides the duration of the sale – higher price, longer time. You can also buy or sell in Auction House in the city, where you can set a bid, bid or directly buy now (so it promises, but buy-now seems not active when I’m playing). Auction house offers the chance to have a good bargain but usually requires regular checking or re-bid when being outbid.

More new industries need to be constructed. It takes a second to see the construction complete, but it’s after you have met the building requirements on materials and enough reputation. Don’t expect to have quick access to several industries generating the goods that you can sell at a good price. At start, you only have the free clay pit and Kiln, and are allowed to build another one when out of tutorial. Then it takes some time before you can have the fourth industry, due to lack of Reputation.

Reputation taxes heavily on you. To win reputation, you have three major methods – hold feast in your residence, donate toward city buildings and go into politics. To hold feast, you need to buy grapes, excellent salt or the like; to donate, you just exchange denarii or various goods for reputation; and to involve in politics, you can do nothing but vote in the beginning. You second task in the game is just to gain 1600 or so reputation. To donate about 300 coins gets you around 10 reputation. You do the mathematics.

Progression is slow. All takes time: production, sale, buying/bidding, and shipping if trading globally (shipment can be immediately finished for Gold, in-game premium currency). So far, the market-driven price system seems to me to concern little in the gameplay, especially in the low levels, for you have to get what’s asked to meet requirements in different goals anyway, whatever the current price is. And the gameplay is based on text and image. Click all the way. Overall, Remanum has interesting setups but fails to deliver them interestingly. Those who loathe slow pace, little animation and too much thinking in a game can simply pass by, while whoever has patience and loves economy may have a try.

Remanum Screenshots:

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