Renaissance Heroes



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Renaissance Heroes, previously known as DaVinci Online, is a free-to-play FPS MMO developed by Korea-based Bridea behind classic shooter Huxley and published in SK, NA and EU by ChangYou. As suggested by its title, the game is set in a re-imagined Renaissance Europe in the 16th century, with a series of special maps inspired by historical locations like Milano and Canstantinople. In a gun & run style, it offers fast-paced arena shooting experience with several different multiplayer modes. Run in Unreal 3 engine, Renaissance Heroes presents great graphics and smooth gameplay.

Renaissance Heroes

Game Features:

  • A reborn Europe with technology and alchemy, and a re-imagined Renaissance period in style from the maps, character designs, and weapon designs
  • Take on the role of four different characters, each with its different combat specialization and story to uncover
  • Engage in an intense, fast-paced shooter experience coupled with item pick-ups, jump pads and melee combat
  • Face off against foes in both unique and familiar game modes including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Touchdown in specially designed maps inspired by historical nations

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