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Rio Run Ninja Cat HD – The coolest and most epic racing/running game to hit the mean streets has arrived. Rio Run will keep you hooked for hours! The goal is to run/race/drive along the fence as fast you can before the mist gets you! Yowza! Yikes! But don’t you worry- move those opposable thumbs as fast and as quickly as you can and you’ll be alright! And if you can, try to catch the gold flakes for bonus points! Heyo!!

Rio Run Ninja Cat HD

To gain speed to go really fast, just press down and hold your finger on the screen when going downhill and release when going uphill. Sounds easy, but there is a strategy required in order to make it down in the allotted time. But you have the heart of a tiger! ROAR! You got this! You can do it!!

You may have to jump, run, climb, go downhill, or uphill, reach the top of the tree, or down the fence. Play the game to find out!!

Fun for the entire family and kids!

Pick a character:

  • Rio the Parrot aka BIRD
  • Master Meowji as the Ninja Cat
  • Billy the Goat on the longboard/skateboard/snowboard
  • Fat Cat in blue
  • Zom as the Zombie Rat
  • Decked out Lemur in his fancy suit
  • carefree running football
  • Heavy Weight Boxing Champ Dino Trex
  • Friendly Toaster
  • Buster the Super Dog
  • And Toasty the Toaster

Rio Run Ninja Cat HD – Game Info:

  • Released: Nov 22, 2013
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 40.7 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Sany Dash
  • © 2013 Sany Dash

Rated 4+

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