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Rising Cities

Rising Cities
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Publisher: Bigpoint
  • Developer: Bigpoint
  • Genre: City-building Simulation
  • Official Site

Rising Cities, as explicit as the title, is an upcoming city-building simulation from Bigpoint which released a similar game named Ramacity in the past. In Rising Cities, the player will act as the mayor of a city and develop it into a metropolis. To achieve the goal, players will have to attend the various tasks, quite predictably, that include building and upgrading structures to generate revenue, managing resources and energy, keeping citizens happy with needs addressed, running factories to produce goods and trading in the in-game free market and so on.

Rising Cities Overview

In a nutshell, Rising Cities sounds just like any city-building simulator that is all around management of resources, economy and strategy. Will there be anything different from the stale formula in the saturated market? Rising Cities is “coming soon”. We will check when it’s out.

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  1. tom2012001 says:

    ahoj chtel bych se zeptat na bonusové kódy poslete mi nejky prosim moje jmeno je tom2012001 dekuju


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